pitta imbalance symptoms in ayurveda

Pitta Imbalance Symptoms in Ayurveda you Must Know

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Pitta Imbalance Symptoms in Ayurveda: Dosha Balance in the Body


According to Ayurveda, the presence of all three doshas is found in the body of every human being. All these three doshas are not found equally, but if there is an excess of Vata dosha in one’s body, then there is an excess of pitta dosha in one’s body, it is an excess Kapha dosha. On the basis of this, the nature of bodies is divided into Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Their excess at a normal level does not give rise to diseases in the body but creates a special dosha nature of the body. But when all these three doshas become abnormally imbalanced then the body starts moving towards diseases. The imbalance of Vata causes 80 diseases, the imbalance of Pitta causes 40 and the imbalance of Kapha causes 20 types of diseases.

Pitta Imbalance Symptoms in Ayurveda and disease

pitta dosha

Pitta dosha is created due to the excess of fire and water elements. The other three elements, earth, sky, and air, are found in small amounts in this type of body. Sun is the conductor of Pitta Dosha. The Sun is known for the presence of energy and fire, which means that in such a body there is more production of stomach agni , gas and mental emotion. That is why such a person who has an excess of Pitta Dosha gets more hunger, anger, excitement, heat, sweating. If there is an imbalance of Pitta dosha, there would be less sleep, restlessness, mood swings and there may be lack of blood in the body.

Mental un-comfort: Pitta Imbalance Symptoms in Ayurveda


Anger remains standing due to the increase of Pitta Dosha people gets angry over something, has an irritable mind, jealousy very quickly enters the mind. There is a feeling of panic, the heartbeat increases very quickly. Person gets scared very quickly. If you are not able to be patient on anything, then all these symptoms shows the effect of excess pitta on your brain and mind.

Physical problems

1. Burning in stool urine

2. Having heartburn or sour belching

3. Feeling excessively thirsty, feeling excessively hot

4. Excessive sweating, increased odor of sweat

5. Nausea after a meal

6. Hair fall, excessive hair loss

7. Having white hair at puberty

8. pimple on the skin

9. Yellowing of the body and loss of blood

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