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How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally

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How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally , Maximum times periods problem comes with hormonal abnormalities, Whether you have thyroid or PCOS. So you should adopt the lifestyle mentioned below that helps in your normal gland and hormonal health. In both these types of problems, this rule is equally useful. As many research has proved that the main reason for hormonal problems is wrong lifestyle habits. And if these are rectified and reversed, then you can also make your period normal and regular. So let’s come to those points of change.

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Eat Seeds in cycling: How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally

Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle

Eating a balanced amount of seeds regulates the hormones to a great extent and normalizes the period. When women starts to eat specific seeds in a cycle then the nutrients and minerals Ayurvedic quality helps in the diagnosis of this problem. If you eat the same seed continuously for a long time then it has side effects also. It is better that you eat 4-5 seeds in a cycle of time. So what are those things that you can eat? That is, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flex seeds, etc. Which seed is better for you depends on whether your period comes earlier or later. You can grind the seeds and then store it in an airtight jar or just soak the seeds overnight and chew them in morning.

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Losing/Gaining Weight Sustainably: How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally

weight loss

If you gained a lot of weight due to your sedentary lifestyle and you trying to lose it with diet changes. Then it also can disturb your hormones and make your period cycle abnormal. If you are too thin, Then you may lack the necessary nutrition and strength. Due to which your periods can also be abnormal. So in a very short time, you neither try to increase your weight nor try to lose weight rapidly. You must give the necessary time to the body to achieve your target. Otherwise its side effects are too many.

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Optimum Nutrition: How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally

Bad Foods for Weak Liver Health

If you do not pay attention to your food properly, eat only two to three times a day. Or you eat more fast food and nutrition lack food. So in both these cases, there will be a lack of essential minerals and nutrients in your body. Due to this there may appear weakness and anemia in your body which will negatively affect your hormone and period. That’s why you have to take special care of your food. Although Vitamin deficiency is responsible for weakness, anemia, hairfall, mood swings, etc.

Regular Exercise and Yoga: How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally


Regular exercise and yoga keep the body active. This practice makes every part and substance of your body to function properly. Regular movement keeps your blood circulation good, which helps in maintaining nutrition in the body and period cycle.

Healthy Food Choices: How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally

methi parantha

The main responsible lifestyle for irregular periods is outside and fast foods. These type of foods has a high amount of preservatives and processed method. This all disturbed the hormone in the body and read period cycle abnormalities. So Avoiding junk, deep-fried, excessive sugar, spicy, fermented, non-veg food is mandatory.

Fixed Meal Times: How to Regulate Irregular Period Cycle Naturally

Due to busy life, many women skipped their meals, especially the morning breakfast. This makes them nutrition deficit, weak and anemic. These problems are also the roots of irregular periods. So try to Have your breakfast, lunch & dinner at the same time.

Quality Sleep

Proper sleep is mandatory for remove all-day tiredness and body relaxation. This the is basic requirement for all healthy functioning of all bloody parts and glands. Good sleep is also a basic need for a peaceful mind and good mental health. Good mental health and fresh body feeling help in a healthy period cycle. For full sleep, it is Best to go to bed by 10 pm. 7-8 hours of sleep from 10 to 6 is best for optimum health.

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