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8 Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

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Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle , Abnormal period cycle has become a common problem in today’s time, but it also has many side effects. In which problems like weight gain, hormonal problems and problems in conceiving are prominent. If your period comes after the date, or your cycle is of 40 to 45 days and you want to bring it closer to 30 to 28 days. Then there are such foods from an Ayurvedic perspective that will help to normalize your delayed period. Let’s talk about these.

SESAME Seeds: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

The nature of sesame seeds in Ayurveda is considered to be extremely hot and energetic. By eating sesame, the flow of body ‘Drvya’ increases, and the body heat also increases. This all Increases blood flow, and open muscles, and nerves. If you started to eat before one week of the date then your delayed period becomes normal. You can eat two laddus of sesame seeds for 2 or 3 days before 1 week of your period date.

JAGGERY: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

Iron Rich Indian Traditional Foods

It warms in the effect, cleans the womb, and increases RBC in the body. It also increases the flow of fluids in the body, due to which if you eat it with milk before sleeping from 1 week before the date of your period, then the chances of getting your period on time will increase.

Dry ginger: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

Dry ginger has also been said of hot and warm nature in Ayurveda. It increases Pitta dosha in the body. It heats the body, reduces contractions or cramps in the womb and helps to release blood.

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Carom Seeds: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

Ajwain Benefits

The nature of carom seeds is also hot. It also cleanses the womb and helps in bringing the period on time. Because it is also warm in effect, so it helps in bringing the delayed period on time.

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Hot spices: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

garam masala

The amount of garam masala in your dishes should be increased from 1 week before the period date. Garam masala contains a mixture of various hot spices that increase the hormones associated with periods in your body that cause your periods to happen earlier.

Dry fruit: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

Dry fruit

If you want your period to be at 30 days. You should regularly include dry fruits like walnuts, almonds etc. in your diet throughout the month. Because they are also basically warming and normalize the movement of Dravya, Rasayana in the body and hormones that are associated with periods.

Fenugreek seeds: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

fenugreek seeds water

When there is a lack of blood or strength in the body. Then even in such a situation, periods come after time. If you use fenugreek seeds regularly 2 weeks before the period date. Then this problem of yours is also solved to a great extent. From the point of view of Ayurveda, fenugreek seeds are also hot in effect. Use only 10 to 20 seeds at a time.

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Papaya: Food to Normalize Delayed Period Cycle

There are chemicals found inside papaya that increase the amount of estrogen in your body and loosen the muscles of the upper wall of the womb. With the help of which if your periods are late, then eating it will be at the right time will help you. This is the reason why papaya is forbidden to eat during pregnancy.

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