Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda

7 Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda

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Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda , Anger is an integral part of human nature. Which has been advised to control in ancient texts. It is a quality that is very important for human beings to control for their welfare. Ayurveda talks extensively about the mental and physical reasons for controlling anger. It has been in ancient Indian texts that anger destroys the human mind and body. Let’s know how anger has very deep negative effects on the body and mind.

1. Lowers immunity: Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda

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Anger disrupts all the normal processes of the body and all the organs. And fills them with negative energy. Due to this, the immunity of every organ and cell of the body starts to decrease.

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2. Increases Pitta Dosha: Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda

Anger increases pitta dosha in the body, due to which your body can be surrounded by diseases caused due to pitta dosha. You may feel needle pricking on your skin, headaches and heartbeat problem.

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3. Blood pressure: Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda

It is well known that when you are angry your blood pressure rises. But if you remain angry in general, then it can give you the disease of permanent high blood pressure. Which is not good for your health.

4. Heart Disease: Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda

heart diseases

Anger also disrupts the normal processing and functioning of your heart. Your heart rate increases, the supply of blood in the body increases, oxygen decreases and puts more pressure on the glands of the heart. If happens for a long time, heart-related diseases may increase.

5. Headache: Anger Side Effects According to Ayurveda

your tendency is to be angry all the time, then a headache can also become a sure disease for you. Such people whose nature is angry, are always seen to have migraine or some type of Headache.

6. Stress

Anger has the greatest effect on the brain, and affects the neurons in the brain. This increases stress, anxiety and depression.

7. Decrease Skin Glow

From time to time when you are angry, it impairs the normal functioning of your blood, reducing the oxygen level in and red blood cells. That all makes your skin black and takes away its natural glow.

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