How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

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How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

Firstly, here we need to understand that thyroid is not a disease that can be cured by medicine, it’s a disorder. A thyroid problem is basically nothing but an imbalance in the secretion of hormones related to the thyroid gland. Basically, an imbalance in the secretion of hormones is a result of a bad lifestyle. This lifestyle in whole includes your daily activities, foods, mental status and environment. Sometimes the hormonal imbalance is stubborn and sometimes it is temporary. But in conditions, this can be controlled by strong changes in lifestyle. Here I come with the changes that you should make to get normal thyroid health.

What you should do –

Avoid Fast/ Processed Food: How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

wrong diet

Processed food has a high amount of unhealthy unnatural chemicals. That is used for preserving the food and making it tastier. This directly affects the health of the gland and the secretion of hormones. Not only this, they destroy gut health which is very important for T3 to T4 conversion. So please Eliminate processed foods from your diet .

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Exercise: How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

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Physical activity is a must for a healthy body, good working status of hormones, Healthy glands and also for good digestion. Regular exercise gives the body new life and strength. It is best if you exercise at least 30 mins, 5 days a week. This will help you & clear toxins from your body naturally.

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Proper Sleep: How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

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Try to match your circadian rhythm to the natural cycle of sun. When body follows the opposite routine as of sun cycle. then this negatively affects the gland health and recreation of hormones. Because as per Ayurveda the body is nothing but a reflection of nature and ‘Panchmahabhutas’. If you try to go against nature then you may get negative health results.

Control your Weight: How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

weight loss

Bad food habit and lazy lifestyle make your body to gain more weight. Overweight in your body disturb the digestive system , gland cells and secretion of hormones. Increasing body weight also lowers the immunity of the body. Remember that thyroid is not causing weight gain. It’s a bad lifestyle that causes thyroid and then weights gain.

Reduce stress: How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally


Stress, anxiety and depression increase the Vata and pitta dosha in the body, due to which your body can be surrounded by diseases caused due to pitta dosha. You may feel needle pricking on your skin, headaches and heartbeat problem.

Eat balanced meal: How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

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For a healthy functioning body, we need all the needed nutrients and minerals. For that it is mandatory that a balanced good diet should be followed. The best way is that you eat what is easily available in running seasons. The seasonal fruits and vegetables are best for completing your all body’s needs.

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Mind your Gut Health: How to Control Thyroid Problem Naturally

Bad gut health is an invitation for toxins in the body. Not only toxins but disturbed gut health trigger the digestive system and starts many digestion-related problems. Acidity, constipation, controlling burps and farting are the main cause for the birth of thyroid problem.

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