Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

7 Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

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Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

The eyes are the most important of all the senses. The eyes show every shade of the world and direct the person for the better life. Therefore, keeping them healthy is considered very important in Ayurveda. Eyes are very tender senses. The basic principle of keeping the eyes healthy is to keep them cool, clean, and remove their fatigue from time to time. Let’s understand some rules that you must know and follow to keep your eyes healthy and for good eyesight.

Never wash with hot water: Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

washing your eyes

According to Ayurveda, the basic nature of the eyes is cold. Keep them as cool as possible, the coolness increases their sight and eliminates tiredness. If you somehow allow the eyes to get hot or worm. Whether because of staying in the sun for a long time without glasses or from washing with hot water. So both these things can give a lot of damage to your eyes and reduce their lifespan. A increased Pitta dosha in the body can also affects eye sights and warm water wash aggravates the pitta dosha.

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Blinking eyes is also necessary: Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

blinking eyes for good eye health

It is very important to blink your eyes from time to time. Blinking the eyelids regularly gives relief to the tiredness of the eyes, gives necessary hydration and lubrication to them. If there is a lack of essential lubrication in the eyes, then their health will be at risk.

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Excessive use of artificial eye drops: Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

Excessive use of artificial eye drops

If you have been using artificial eye drops to keep the eyes clean from a long time to avoid any kind of infection. Then you should know that it can be negative for your eyes. Using an artificial eye drop over a long period of time can disturb the normal ‘Rasayan’ level of your eyes. And this can increase your eye problem even more. Due to this the problem of pain, infection and dryness in your eyes can become more.

Sleeping with Eye mask on: Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

Sleeping with Eye mask on

Under the Modern Sleeping Practice, it is being seen that people sleep with eye masks. They do this so that they can feel dark and sleep easily. But it is important to know that this mask heats up the eyes and stops their oxygen-absorbing ability. Due to this, your eyes get more tired, oxygen is not absorbed by the skin of your eyes and your eyesight gets weak.

Frequent rubbing of eyes: Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes again and again. Then this can cause infection in your eyes because of the external particles’ contact with the eyes.

Must apply kajal in eyes before sleeping: Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

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You should use homemade natural kajal which is infused with some herbs like neem or badam, at least once a week at bedtime. It provides nutrients to your eyes and eliminates any kind of infection.

Wash with neem leaves: Ayurveda Rules For Healthy Eyes

washing eyes with neem

If dirt comes out of your eyes or itching occurs, then you should wash the eyes by cooling down boiled neem leaves water. Even if you do not have this problem, you should wash your eyes with neem leaves once to twice a month. Neem leaves are cool in nature , has anti fungal and anti infection properties. Which is exactly according to the basic nature of your eyes and protects them from many kind of infections.

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