gallbladder diet

gallbladder diet  : Full list of what food is good and bad For Gallbladder Health

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Gallbladder diet

A good gallbladder diet is a necessary for all. Because the gallbladder is a part of the digestion system. Its property is that it secretes an enzyme called bile. The enzyme helps to digest fat in the liver, but most of the stones are found in the gallbladder. There are many reasons for having stones in the gallbladder, most of which are diet and lifestyle. Under this article, which foods you should not eat for the health of your gallbladder and what you should include in your diet, with reasons, you will find the discussion here.

healthy gallbladder diet

Be sure to include in your gallbladder diet

Includes Fiber-Rich Fruits and Vegetables in gallbladder diet

fiber fruits

1. banana

All good nutritional and fiber is found inside the banana, improves the digestion power of the body and keeps the stomach light.

2. Apple

Apple is also a very important fruit for the health of the gallbladder and the entire digestive system. Not only this, it is also very good for the heart.

3. Guava

Guava is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Guava has always been used in Ayurveda to get rid of any kind of indigestion problem and important in gallbladder diet .

4. Mango

This king of fruits mango is the pride of summer. It is rich in high fiber. Apart from this, other vitamins A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B6 are found in it. Pear Pears are also rich in fiber. And like other fruits, antioxidants and vitamin C are found in good amounts in it.

5. Cucumber

Fiber and coolness present inside the cucumber keeps the stomach cool. Along with this, according to Ayurveda, it is also known to pacify pitta. It maintains overall digestion power and has powerfull role in gallbladder diet .

6. bottle guard

It is considered very good for the overall digestive power and the health of the organs related to digestion. That is why those who include it in their diet rarely suffer from stomach problems.

7. sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are very popular for their stomach-cleansing benefits. It is able to do this because it is rich in fiber. Not only this, it also keeps heart health and increases immunity. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.

8. Papaya

Papaya is also known to cool the stomach and keep the digestive system healthy. It is good for the health of every organ involved in digestion.

Coarse grains importance in gallbladder diet


Coarse grains like porridge, millet, ragi, broken oats, oats, etc. take less time to digest after a meal and are rich in fiber. They does not cause any kind of obstruction in the digestion process. They also help in the control of cholesterol.

Milk Products in gallbladder diet

Milk products like curd, buttermilk, light milk are very good for gallbladder health. Besides providing essential nutrients to the body, they are also good for the health of all the organs of the digestive system. But heavy things made from milk like khoya paneer and sweets etc. should be consumed in limited quantities.

Gallbladder Diet After Surgery Do Not Eat: Gallbladder Diet


1. Non-Veg

Non-veg and especially red meat can prove to be very harmful to the body after gallbladder surgery.: Because after surgery, a person should eat such food which is easy to digest. And the organs of the digestive system should not much be used or busy.

2. Do not consume too much salt

Excess intake of salt draws nutrients from the body. And can cause the body’s excretion of calcium.

3. Be careful if you are eating high calcium food

Calcium food can increase the risk of oxalate stones in the body. But because calcium is always needed to handle the body, so you cannot remove calcium food completely. So it is important that you eat balanced calcium food with the fully hydrated body.

4. Caffeine

Coffee, tea, chocolate or any kind of caffeine-containing foods are not good for the gallbladder.

5. High Protein

High protein is also not good for the body after the operation. As it can affect digestion, activity of the heart, and increase the level of protein in the blood. It can also become the cause of stones again.

6. Increasing Weight

It becomes necessary that you should control the reasons of gallbladder stones formation in the body. The increased weight is most responsible for that problem. So try to be active. Take the help of yoga and exercise.

7. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits take a long time to digest. Not only this, it also absorbs a lot of hydration from the body during digestion. That is why dry fruits should be used very judiciously after the operation.

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