Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

Ayurvedic Hair Care in Monsoon Season

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Monsoon or rainy season comes with not only joy of coolness after heated summer but also with some health problems in which hair falls are one of most common ones. Ayurveda says the reason of this is hair moisture reaches a high level during the monsoon or rainy season. Some dosha also gets imbalanced such as increased Vata and Ama dosha. It affects also seen on hair health too. So what should you do … Let’s come to the first point.

 1. Open your hair for some time: Ayurvedic Hair Care in Monsoon Season

hair care

Yes! Let open your hair, which will help in reducing excess moisture in them, causing most of the problems.

This also improves hair health by letting them absorb more oxygen and fresh air.

 2. Hibiscus flower oil massage: Ayurvedic Hair Care in Monsoon Season


It is not a coincidence that this season is also the season of the hibiscus flowers. The Hibiscus flower is nature’s gift to heal the body from this season’s side effects. You have done only that….Make oil with this flower and do a massage on the scalp.

Massage is a therapy that increases blood circulation and when you do that with hibiscus flower oil, the hair fall problem will just go away in a few weeks.

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 3. Eat good fat: Ayurvedic Hair Care in Monsoon Season


The Body in This season needs more good fat to cope up with increased Vata and Ama in the body. This also helps in your improving hair health. It will be good for your health if you eat nuts and dry fruits, especially fried in ghee.

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4. Yoga/ Workout: Ayurvedic Hair Care in Monsoon Season

camel pose/ Ushtraasana

The bacteria and viruses are found more in this season. The rapidly changing temperature also decreases body immunity.

Lower immunity also affects hair health…..A weak body does not nourish the scalp on the head. So…Yoga is the best way to improve your immunity, strength, and full body blood circulation.

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