Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight

Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight

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Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight

That Many people these days are worried about their increased weight, almost as many people are also worried about their underweight. Because a person with underweight not only looks weak but also does not count feel attracted in modern parameters of beauty. That’s why everyone tries to stick to a normal weight scale. But the most important thing in my view is lower weight invites undernutrition and lower immunity to the body. Let’s know if you are underweight then what food you can include in your daily diet. The food items mentioned below are completely Ayurvedic and can be taken by any person who is underweight and does not have diabetes. A person with diabetes is not advised to eat these . Because the metabolic system is already slow in the body of a person with diabetes.

Banana with milk: Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight

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Those who want to increase their weight must consume milk- banana shake at least once a day. A glass of milk with two to three bananas would be great for them. Bananas and milk stay in your stomach for a long time and give a good amount of calories to your body for a long time. It increases healthy glucose and fat in the body.

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Eat halva: Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight


You can also eat Ghee- halwa three to four times a week, if you want, eat gram flour pudding, eat moong dal pudding, eat semolina pudding. There is a good amount of good fat inside the halwa, good calories, protein and glucose. And you need all these things in the right amount to make your weight a little more.

Aloo paratha (Potato Pancakes): Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight

Aloo paratha (Potato Pancakes)

It is known to all that eating potatoes increase fat. So that is why I include Aloo parantha in this list. Eating potatoes have a great effect on weight especially when you eat potato paratha. That means you eat potatoes dish made with Ghee and wheat flour. In this preparation Ghee increases, the Potato’s weight increasing ability.

Ghee: Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight


We all know ghee helps with weight gain. But here’s something interesting you need to know which makes it different from other weight gainers. Ghee is a natural weight gainer , sweet, cooling in nature & alleviates Vata and pitta. It improves digestion, nourishes your tissues, strengthens muscles, improves voice, memory, hair, skin, fertility, immunity, intelligence & more. Ghee helps with HEALTHY weight gain. It doesn’t just increase fat in the body but also.

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Jaggery: Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Healthy Weight

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Jaggery is one of the healthy sweeteners which is better than white sugar. It is sweet in taste and balances Vata & pitta. Ayurveda says as the age of jaggery increased the ayurvedic qualities also increased. It helps you improve your immunity. Also keeps sweet cravings at bay. It cools you down when had with cold water or made as a cold drink. For weight gain and delibity- It should be had with an equal quantity of ghee (and it’ll provide you instant energy). The best way of consuming it is with meals or post meals.

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