7 Basic Reasons for Colon Cancer

7 Basic Reasons for Colon Cancer : You Must Know

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Reasons for colon cancer, Colon cancer is cancer that occurs in the colon of the large intestine. The normal function of the colon is to absorb the vitamins and nutrients of the food. It arises with the symptoms of the rectal problem. In colon cancer, inflammation begins in the inner lining of the rectum and large intestine. Colon cancer is a dangerous health problem in the world. Which is increasing significantly and is the second most common cancer in women and the third most common cancer in men. 60% of total cases occur in developed countries. Let’s throw light on the possible major causes of colon cancer.

1. Obesity: Reasons for colon cancer

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Obesity is one of the most prominent possible causes of colon cancer. People with obesity are 30% more likely to develop colon cancer. Mostly Obesity has been seen in the increased as fat in the stomach. The organs associated with the digestive system are affected by this and the effect of fat obesity is seen in the organs. Due to this the problems associated with them start gradually and the chances of infection in the rectum or colon increase.

2. Diabetes: Reasons for colon cancer


In diabetic patients, infections and diseases develop very quickly in the body. Stomach problems are more associated with diabetic patients. And if inflammation starts in the inner periphery, then in diabetic patients the chances of it increase and the chances of getting an infection are more.

3. Bad Food: Reasons for colon cancer

If the right nutritious food is not consumed, then problems related to constipation and stool started to surround people. Especially if you consistently consume food that is heavy to digest, high in fat, high in oil and low in fiber over a long period of time. Then you are more prone to colon cancer.

4. Processed Food: Reasons for colon cancer

Processed foods, especially processed meats and processed canned ready-to-eat foods, are the most dangerous. They can increase the risk of colon cancer. The high pesticides and other chemicals used in these decrease the health of your stomach and lower your immunity.

5. Smoking


Digestive problems and stool-related problems have been seen to increase in people who have been smoking since a long time. The nicotine released from smoking triggers inflammation by reducing the amount of natural lubricant in the body.

6. Lazy Lifestyle

People who are lazier and spend most of their time either sitting or lying down. Their normal body activity decreases, blood circulation decreases, new body cells are made less, organs do their normal work less etc. Due to the immunity of every part of their body also decreases, obesity starts to increase in the body of such people. That all increase the chances of cancer even more.

7. Alcohol overdose


People who have been exposed to excessive alcohol consumption, people who drink alcohol almost every day. Their body parts gradually become sick and lose their immunity. So their immunity to cancer is seen as low.

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