9 Causes of Pain in Lungs

9 Causes of Pain in Lungs: That Can Make You Understand the Problem

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Causes of pain in lungs, Lungs pain is a common problem, the reasons behind could be simple to severe. That is why any type of pain in the lungs should be taken seriously. And their causes should be discovered and treated accordingly. It is known that the function of the lungs is to fill the air inside and send the oxygen received from it to the heart. If there is any problem in the lungs, then Pranavayu (oxygen) will not be able to reach the body which is fatal for life. Let’s know about the major possible causes of pain in the lungs.

1. Pneumonia: Causes of pain in lungs


Pneumonia is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation in the lungs and makes them blocked. Which makes it difficult to fill air in the lungs and due to which breathing starts to be difficult. A pressure is start to felt inside the lungs. Pneumonia is easily treated with antibacterial drugs, but it is dangerous for children.

2. Asthma: Causes of pain in lungs

In the present time, because of the excess of air pollution. Asthma is also becoming a common disease. Here normal means the increase in its patients. Asthma is an allergic reaction. There is trouble in breathing and pain in the lungs when sleeping. Asthma can be treated with proper precautions and medicines.

3. Cough: Causes of pain in lungs

If you have a prolonged dry cough or mucus, then this too gradually causes pain in the lungs. Because for a long time any type of cough starts damaging the lungs from the inside and it may be the cause of pain.

4. lung cancer: Causes of pain in lungs

lung cancer

Lung pain is also seen prominently among the symptoms of lung cancer. In this, if you have pain in the lungs and the doctor advises, then a cancer test should also be done.

5. Smoking: Causes of pain in lungs


In individuals, in whose life smoking is an important part of the routine. With the time their lungs start filling up with deadly smoke that starts infection in the lungs. Due to the pain could start in the lungs.

6. Polluted Air

If the City air is very polluted and its air index is Orange or Red. Then there are chances that after some time pain in your lungs will start. Because polluted air slowly starts making your lungs sick from inside. Because of that, you can start to feel suffocation, infection, smoke inside the lungs filling and lung pain.

7. Blood Clots in the Lungs

lung blood clots

Even when a blood clot is formed inside the lungs, pain in the lungs has been seen as a major symptom. It is a very dangerous condition, if it is not treated soon, it can prove to be fatal. A prime example of this is the medical case of Serena Williams having a blood clot in her lungs at the time of her baby’s delivery.

8. Fluid filling in the lungs (fluoride fluid)

Certain types of bacteria or viruses cause infection or inflammation in the inner upper layer of the lung. Which gradually fills the lungs with fluid and it increases throughout the lungs. That also causes pain in the lungs. The reason for this could be any lung disease, pneumonia, T.B, and cancer.

9. Locking Ribs

Sometimes there is a problem of locking the ribs while doing heavy exercise or activity. Due to this, pain could be felt in the lungs. It can be treated by a physiotherapist.

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