Unexplained Weight Gain Causes According to Ayurveda

5 Unexplained Weight Gain Causes According to Ayurveda

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In modern time weight gain is the main cause of many disseases. Every fourth person is suffering from overweight according to studies. If we try to understand the unexplained weight gain causes then adopting a bad lifestyle considered first in the raw. Adopting a good lifestyle not only keeps diseases away but also keeps us physically and mentally healthy! Therefore, the reason for the increase in weight has also been considered to be adopting a wrong way of life! Let’s go into some detail that what are the signs of those bad life styles .

Over Eating and being lethargic

inactiveness and weight gain

According to Ayurveda, a person who eats excessive food, does not do any work and physically remains very lethargic. His/her body will not get a chance to burn calories and the body will start to gain fat. Overeating also imbalance the body dosha – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Hormone imbalance

Hormone imbalance and weight gain

The second unexplained weight gain causes is the imbalance of hormones. Due to the imbalance of hormones in our body, our body’s obesity also increases, so we should take full care of our food and physical activity!

Consuming more oily food, junk food, preservative-rich diet

wrong diet and weight gain

Eating food containing more oil and fat is sure to increase obesity. In Ayurveda, oily food, junk food, preservative-rich diet are always part of a wrong life style. It has been told, we should never eat fatty and stale food in large quantities!


A person who is suffering from a disease like Thyroid, that person’s obesity may also increase, he may also have the problem of increasing obesity! problem of thyroid imbalanced the hormonal discharge and disturbed the normal digestive and metabolism system.

Stressful life


 According to Ayurveda, unexplained weight gain causes of obesity is living a stressful life also. People who are living a stressful life they can gain weight. The body of a stressful person is a invitation to several diseases. stress triggers to mind and disturbs its work of controlling body glands. This is the main connection between stress and body weight gaining.

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