9 Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda

9 Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda

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Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda, Curd is a unique milk product of the Indian food tradition. There are countless benefits of eating it. It pacifies pitta in Ayurveda. If it is not eaten at the right time and according to the right season, then it can increase Vata and Kapha dosha. However, such possibilities are very less. Because that wrong time is night and the wrong weather is only rainy season. So the properties of curd are unmatched. There is abundant protein, lactose, iron, phosphorus, vitamin C, calcium, etc. found in yogurt, which is very good for health. Apart from this, curd is made up of good bacteria and the right amount of them in the body prevents the growth of bad bacteria in the body. This all reduces the risk of bacterial infection. And our skin also gets all these benefits by eating curd. Let’s discuss the benefits of eating curd in detail for the skin.

1. Skin Hydration: Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda

anti aging

Yogurt has the property of providing hydration to the body in abundance. When there is a good amount of hydration in the body, it also affects the hydration of the skin. And the skin also starts to be well hydrated.

2. Skin Elasticity: Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda

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The nutrients and antioxidants found inside yogurt improve health by providing the body , the right ingredients. The effect of which is also seen on the skin. As a result, skin elasticity increases.

3. Anti Aging: Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda

Yogurt has the property of stopping aging to a great extent of the body, According to Ayurveda. Because it increases the age of the body by balancing the doshas of the body. It has a direct effect on the development of the anti-aging property of the skin too.

4. Controlling Pitta Dosha: Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda


In Ayurveda, the curd is said to balance pitta dosha. If the pitta dosha is imbalanced in the body, then its direct effect is seen in the form of various spots and acne on the skin.

5. Glow on Skin: Eating Curd Benefits for Skin in Ayurveda

If your body balances the pitta dosha. Then the spots and acne on your face start reducing. Due to this the natural glow gradually starts increasing on the skin.

6. Improves Digestion and Improves Skin Rejuvenation

Increase Digestion

Yogurt enhances digestion. Because of this, whatever food you eat, it starts digested easily. According to Ayurveda, the person who has fewer problems related to the stomach, skin of that person also starts looking fresh with bloom.

7. Effect of Vitamin C on Skin

It is well known that curd contains a good amount of Vitamin C. It is important to eat the right amount of Vitamin C for healthy glowing skin. If you eat the right amount of Vitamin C, the health of the skin also starts increasing.

8. Reducing Dark Circles by Normalizing B.P

Curd cools the heat in the body, and pacifies the pitta, due to which the B.P of the body also remains normal. According to Ayurveda, people whose BP is very high or very low, their skin glow gradually goes away, and dark circles start to appear. If you consume curd, then the dark circles gradually start reducing.

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