7 amazing ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure

7 amazing ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure

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If drinks are prepared after understanding the Ayurvedic knowledge. According to the nature and doshas of food. Then there is many ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure, which proves to be very beneficial in high blood pressure. It is important to know that the main reason for high blood pressure is the increased pitta dosha in the body. Poor lifestyle and diet are the main reasons behind the increase of pitta dosha. For reducing high blood pressure, it is necessary to drink such drinks which are cold in nature and reduce pitta dosha. Let’s know some such drinks for controlling high blood pressure.

1. Moringa Leaves Juice: ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure


In Ayurveda, Moringa detoxifies the stomach and blood. Here it is necessary to know that, high blood pressure occurs from the abnormality in the digestive system and the blood. There is also a lot of recent research that claims that Moringa has properties that reduce high blood pressure. That is why the juice made from Moringa leaves is number one on my list. With the routine of drinking only 2 times a week, you will see a lot of effects.

2. Amla Juice: ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure Amla is a

Amla juice

multi-potent medicine in Ayurveda. Increased blood pressure in the body is a sign of the increase of various toxins in the body. Amla is such a fruit that has the ability to remove all kinds of toxins in the blood. Not only this, it also eliminates stomach problems. That is why it is necessary that you drink at least 3 gooseberries juices per day. You can drink it every day, especially during its seasons.

3. Lemonade: ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure


A drink made with the juice of a lemon with a glass of water has the power to balance your high BP to a great extent. Lemon has the property that controls pitta dosha. That is why it controls your restlessness due to high BP.

4. Orange juice: ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure

According to Ayurveda Oranges are cold in nature and controls pitta dosha. The reason for the increased high blood pressure is also the increased pitta dosha. In this, consuming one glass of this juice daily keeps your high blood pressure in control.

5. cucumber and tomato juice: ayurvedic drinks for high blood pressure

Cucumber also helps to balance any kind of imbalance of blood. According to Ayurveda it also has a cooling effect. On the other hand, tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, whose presence lowers high blood pressure. A drink made from these two is suitable and beneficial for people with high blood pressure from Ayurvedic point of view.

6. Buttermilk drink


Buttermilk is a drink made by mixing curd with water. Buttermilk has cooling properties for every part of the body and for even the brain. The body heat increases in a person with high blood pressure. That is why it becomes necessary for him to include buttermilk in his daily routine. It is very beneficial for overall health.

7. coconut water

Coconut water has miraculous properties that help in controls high blood pressure to a great extent. The body heat, sweating, restlessness, etc arise from high blood pressure. This has the power to stop those immediately. That’s why you should drink coconut water every day.

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