5 Ajwain Health Benefits

5 Ajwain Health Benefits According To Ayurveda: The Vata and Kapha Dosha balancing Spice

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Nature and Dosha of Ajwain in Ayurveda

    Ajwain health benefits are described in Ayurveda. Ayurveda says Ajwain is warm in nature and it is anti-Kapha and Vata in Dosha .  But it increases Pitta.  It is said to increase the energy and fire(agani) of the body.  But this taste is slightly spicy and slightly sweet. Let’s know the benefits of ajwain.

Ajwain Health Benefits According To Ayurveda

 for New Mother

new mother

     Ajwain health benefits are very important in healing new mother body. It has been used in Ayurveda for a very long time for the health of new mother.  Because her body becomes very weak after giving birth, she goes through alot of blood loss. It provides heats to her body and fulfills the iron deficiency.  Also the Vata dosha has increased in the body of the new mother , as the result she feel pain and swelling after childbirth. The intake of Ajwain cure all of this problems in her body.

 In Cold and Fever

cold-cough and oil massage

    The effect of Ajwain/celery is very warm, so it is used as a medicine in fever and cold after encounter the flu. At such times, celery tea is given to the patient that really works wonderful.

 Ajwain health benefits in stomach gas

gas problem

        If a baby of age newborn to 1 year old has gas problem. In such a situation,A hot massage of tying Ajwain/celery in cotton cloth (after heated up on the pan) gives on the stomach of the child. This helps the gas passed and his pain also ends. It is a traditional technique in Ayurveda and popularly used as practice in India.

   for adult- In case of gas formation in the stomach, person can take half a teaspoon of Ajwain seeds with water.  This will also end his gas problem.

Body pain and stiffness

internal injury and oil massage

 Ajwain health benefits is very good in arthritis pain and stiffness. Ajwain is Vata Killer and the main reason for arthritis is excess vata in body that makes body suffer from pain and stiffness .

 In period pain


   If you suffers from pain during period.  So you do not need to eat pain killers , which have a negative effect on the liver.  You can take half a teaspoon of Ajwain seeds with water.  Or you can make a Ajwain/celery tea. It shows its effect immediately and eliminates the cause of pain.

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