7 fenugreek seeds powder benefits for health

7 fenugreek seeds powder benefits for health | methi powder amazing benefits for health

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Fenugreek seeds powder is a very good medicine found in every household. Which has many-dimensional benefits. It is full of various minerals and nutrients like carbohydrates, calcium, iron, folic acid, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, and fiber. It is hot in Ayurvedic effect and slightly bitter in taste. It is the destroyer of Vata and Kapha doshas in the body. But it can increase pitta dosha. Let’s know in what ways fenugreek powder can be used to increase your health and how it benefits the body.

1. Enhances Digestive Power

Increase Digestion

Fenugreek seeds powder help in getting rid of stomach-related problems like indigestion, gas and constipation. It digest food easily. It accelerats the stomach fire, so such a person who has weak digestive power due to Vata dosha, it is very beneficial if he consumes it.

2. Diabetes


There are chemicals inside fenugreek seeds powder that reduce the sugar level by reducing the speed of reaching sugar in the blood. The fiber found in it also enhances the digestion of glucose made from any food in the body. And does not allow glucose to accumulate. Due to all these reasons, diabetes of the person remains under control.

3. For Weight Loss

weight loss

Fenugreek sseds powder, according to Ayurveda, has a hot / warm effect. That is why it helps in burning fat, cholesterol and excess weight stored in the body by heating it quickly. Therefore, if people exercise to lose weight and they consume it, then exercise effects more.

4. In Arthritis

Arthritis occurs due to the increased Vata dosha in the body, due to which the muscles and bones of the body become weak and painful. Consumption of fenugreek seeds powder reduces the Vata dosha in the body and helps in eliminating the pain and swelling caused by it. Therefore, it proves to be very beneficial for arthritis.

5. For the new mother

In new mother, alot of blood lost from her body and weakness comes. According to Ayurveda, there is an excess of Vata dosha in the body of new mothers. Due to this they are fed laddoos made from fenugreek seeds or fengureek seeds powder. The iron deficiency in their body is fulfilled, Vata dosha is reduced and it is easy to clean the womb.

6. Increasing Breast Milk

new mother

Feeding fenugreek seeds powder or its laddoos to a new mother not only affect her own health but also increases the amount of breast milk. Along with this, the quality of breast milk also increases, which further improves the health of the child.

7. Control Kapha dosha Defects

Fenugreek seeds because it is a cure for imbalanced Kapha dosha. That is why fenugreek seeds powder should be taken to control the increased phlegm. It is beneficial for diseases arising from Kapha dosha like cough, mucus in the lungs etc.


Fenugreek seeds should be consumed in a limited quantity only. For a normal person, one teaspoon thrice a week is enough. But the person whose Vata or Kapha dosha is aggravated can eat it by increasing the quantity under the advice of an Ayurvedic expert. Because its effect is very hot/warm therefore its irrational excess consumption should be avoided. But its consumption in a certain quantity is medicinal.

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