Yoga Aasan for Thyroid Healing

7 Yoga Aasan for Thyroid Healing

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Yoga Aasan for Thyroid Healing , The thyroid is a gland located in our neck. which has very special importance in our digestive system. Due to our diet and lifestyle, this gland can be negatively affected. Then the secretion of the hormone fluid could also become unbalanced. It is possible that you can gain control over it by improving your diet and lifestyle. Here I have come with some yoga asanas, if you make these an integral part of your lifestyle and do them daily. Then with time, you can lead a completely normal life.

1. Sihmaasana/ Singhasana: yoga Aasan for thyroid healing

Sihmaasana/ Singhasana

This yoga posture of the Singhasana yogi brings out the tongue and makes a special sound. In this whole process, the thyroid gland located in your neck is activated and increases blood circulation. Due to this person starts getting back to normal.

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2. Sarvangasana: yoga Aasan for thyroid healing


In this yoga posture, with the help of your hands, you raise your feet towards the sky. Then due to gravity, all the pressure of your body comes on your throat. This pressure strengthens the thyroid gland located in the neck and develops its capacity.

3. Setubandha Asana: yoga Aasan for thyroid healing

Setubandha Asana

Under Setubandha posture, the back and abdominal part are brought upwards by emphasizing the shoulder and neck muscles. In this posture, there is proper pressure on the thyroid gland at the neck,. Due to this the blood circulation and the impurities related to the thyroid starts to remove.

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4. Halasana.

In this yoga posture, your body is bent like a plow. In this posture, the part of the thyroid gland which is not able to actively participate in Sarvangasana, becomes more active and strong.

5. Cat and Cow Pose: yoga Aasan for thyroid healing

Cat and Cow Pose/ Marjariasana

Inside the cat and cow post, when you repeatedly apply pressure on your neck in and out. So in this process the muscles and the thyroid gland are not only stretched, but their working capacity also develops. Due to this the hormones gradually become normal and balanced over time.

6. Matsyasana: yoga Aasan for thyroid healing

Supta Vajrasana/  Matsyasana

This asana posture puts more pressure on the upper part of the thyroid gland. So that the upper part of the thyroid gland is more active in the posture and more blood circulation starts there.

In all the postures of yoga, It is to be noted that the main purpose of yoga is to remove impurities from each part of the body, to improve blood circulation there, to keep the muscles strong.

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