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7 Top Unhealthy Breakfast According to Ayurveda

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Top unhealthy breakfast According to Ayurveda ,

In the modern hectic lifestyle, when every person is in a hurry to leave for his work in the morning. There is very little time to sit comfortably and make a completely good breakfast in the morning. After eating small fast food items available in the market, people leave for their work. It is very harmful for them. Here we have come up with a list of some unhealthy breakfasts, which almost 90% of the people are eating in their breakfast.

Rusk/Paape: Top unhealthy breakfast According to Ayurveda


Rusk is a ready-made toast, made after baking sooji and sugar. They are mixed with preservatives to keep them fresh for long period, apart from this they are very dry, The Rusk dehydrates the body and its nutritional quality is also very low.

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Morning Tea: Top unhealthy breakfast According to Ayurveda

morning tea bad breakfast

Morning tea is the best part of life for almost 90% of people. The person who starts drinking tea becomes addicted to tea. There are chemicals found inside it that make you a tea addict, if you do not drink it someday then you may feel trouble in open your eyes and even a headache. But tea reduces the nutrition in your body, eliminates calcium, and brings deficiency of vitamin D. If you take it empty stomach in the morning, then all these side effects would increase.

Biscuit: Top unhealthy breakfast According to Ayurveda

Nutrition is less inside the biscuit, there is no nutrition capacity to meet the physical needs of your body in the morning. Apart from this, it also dehydrates the body.

Honey Lemonade: Top unhealthy breakfast According to Ayurveda

If you are also one of those people who have this drink to lose weight and on an empty stomach. So let I tell you that it is not good for the body at all because on an empty stomach it directly works on your muscles, bones and nerves. Instead of reducing your weight, it weakens all these three things. If you want to lose weight then you should start it with physical exercise.

bread toast: Top unhealthy breakfast According to Ayurveda

bread bad breakfast

If your breakfast is tea bread or tea toast, then you should know it also does not come under the category of good breakfast. Because many researchers have proved that there are a lot of preservatives and chemicals inside the bread, which are not good for the body. Most people eat it empty stomach in the morning which means that its side effect will be even more on your body. Apart from this, it slows down the digestion process and brings a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

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Maggi / Readymade Noodles: Top unhealthy breakfast According to Ayurveda

Maggi has been the most popular recipe for a decade now. Which is ready within 5 to 10 minutes. So it becomes the favorite of people for the breakfast. But many times such research has been published in the newspapers, which has said that even inside this, pesticides and preservatives are found in very high quantity. Apart from this, it is made of refined floor, adding another point to its negative effect. And again here I would like to say because if you are taking it on an empty stomach then all the bad effects will be even more on the body.

Fruit Juice

Either fresh fruit juice or packed fruit juice, whatever you are drinking in the morning. Is not good for breakfast in the morning. Even it looks very healthy and almost every health coach will tell you that you should drink fruit juice in the morning. But in fact it is completely wrong. Because you are on an empty stomach in the morning. And the fruits which are in the present time , produced by using a lot of pesticides and putting fake polish. When you consume them on an empty stomach in the morning, put direct negative effects on your entire body parts.

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