Best Ayurveda Breakfast Options for Diabetics

5 Best Ayurveda Breakfast Options for Diabetics

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Best Ayurveda Breakfast Options for Diabetics, Food eaten in the morning on an empty stomach is very important for the health and for the energy of the body. What you eat on an empty stomach in the morning determines whether the diseases in your body will be cured or not or if you are of a healthy body then how long you will maintain that healthy body. Here we will talk about what should be the morning meal of a diabetic patient. And what are the food items that they should include in breakfast and why!

Paratha or Cheela / pancakes made from vegetables with anti-oxidants and low glycemic

methi parantha

You can eat parathas made from such words which have high antioxidant levels and low glycemic indexes like cucumber, green vegetables like ghiya.

Oatmeal: Best Ayurveda Breakfast Options for Diabetics


Oatmeal is the most suitable breakfast for diabetics as it is high in soluble fiber which has low carbohydrate content. You can eat it in milk or with salted vegetables for 8 minutes.

Barley: Best Ayurveda Breakfast Options for Diabetics


High fiber and such fiber which is soluble is also found inside which and it has also been proved in many research that which reduces diabetes. You can have paratha made of barley or eat barley porridge for breakfast.

Millet: Best Ayurveda Breakfast Options for Diabetics


If it is winter then millet is a great breakfast option. Its glycemic index is very low, in addition to this, it is high in fiber and chemicals are found in it that reduce diabetes. Although this 12 meat is traditionally eaten in hot areas like Rajasthan, people there have developed relative physical ability towards it, but the similarity is it is right to eat it in winter. Now you can make millet khichdi and eat it, now millet porridge or millet laddus.


Poha is also a good option as a snack. Inside the poha, the starch found in the rice is gone. Therefore, when eating it, there is no excess in any type of dilated glucose. It is also lightweight to protect and is iron-loaded.

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