Must-Know Early Signs of Diabetes

7 Must Know Early Signs of Diabetes

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Must know early signs of diabetes, According to the survey conducted by WHO, diabetes has been increasing very rapidly from the last few decades and it is going to gain even more speed in the coming decades. Surprisingly, with time, where earlier diabetes was visible only in older people. Now it has started appearing in 15-year-old children too. One out of every 7 people is a diabetic. The most common type of diabetes is type 2 which is found in 90% of the cases in which the body stops responding to insulin. Or the secretion of insulin decreases. But we will talk about the symptoms that appear before the occurrence of diabetes. That helps you to avoid diabetes if you are careful.

1. Pricking needles feeling in the body: Must Know Early Signs of Diabetes

When the amount of glucose in the body becomes high, it starts flowing in the blood. And the body shows its symptoms in which the feeling of the Pricking needle starts in the body. However, apart from increasing glucose. If you are noticing this then you should also be alert about diabetes. Read here to know reasons of diabetes.

2. Itching and rashes on the skin: Must Know Early Signs of Diabetes

Ayurveda says If suddenly you have an urge to itch on any part of the body like arms, legs or thighs and red-colored marks on the skin. Then it indicates that there has been some kind of imbalance in your blood. And in such a situation you should get a diabetes checkup. check kere how to balance diabetes

3. If a wound is not healing easily: Must Know Early Signs of Diabetes

burnt skin

If there is any injury somewhere in your body and it is not healing at its normal speed, taking more time or has become infected. Then you should be careful and get a test for diabetes.

4. Skin discoloration of hands and feet: Must Know Early Signs of Diabetes

If the skin on the soles of your hands and feet becomes abnormally dry and infected. Then this is also an indication that your blood is impure and this impurity can also be due to increased glucose in the blood.

5. Exacerbation of kidney and urinary problems: Must Know Early Signs of Diabetes


If you start having kidney-related problems, problems in the toilet, urine infection etc. Then it can be a sign that there is a problem related to increased glucose and sugar in your body.

6. Fatigue and Restlessness


If you feel tired and restless immediately after eating anything or on an empty stomach. So there are chances that you have an abnormality of the hormone that regulates glucose in your body.

7. Shortness of breath and high palpitations

if you are finding that you are catching high breathing very occasionally and your heartbeat becomes very fast. Then you should be careful about diabetes.

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