5 Sill Batta Benefits According to Ayurveda

5 Sill Batta Benefits According to Ayurveda

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Sill Batta benefits according to Ayurveda, Sil batta has a very important role in the Indian kitchen tradition. Sil batta is a kitchen tool in which two stones are used together. In which one piece of stone is big and rectangular and the other is a small piece of stone. A coarse stone placed on a rectangular stone is used to grind spices or vegetables. Together these two are called Silbatta. Out of which the Sill is a big rectangular stone, the small grinding stone is called batta. Sill Batta is probably an integral part of the Indian kitchen since the Neolithic period. And even in the present time, its relevance is increasing instead of decreasing. Let’s know that after all, what is the special health benefit of the chutney and the spices made on the Sill Batta.

1. Sill Batta spices and chutneys are more digestible

Sill Batta benefits

The spices and chutneys that grind on the Sill Batta are more digestible. This means it consumes by the body very easily. In comparison, the spices and chutneys made in the grinder machine, are not much easier to digest.

2. Oxygen: Sill Batta benefits according to Ayurveda

Sill Batta Grind Benefits

Spices and chutneys that are ground in the Sill Batta get the extra oxygen. When you grind spices and chutneys in the grinder, the oxygen present in the spices and vegetables is lost due to the heat produced in the grinder. That is why from the point of view of health, the spices and chutneys that are grind on the sill batta are more beneficial.

3. More Delicious: Sill Batta benefits according to Ayurveda

Sill batta and taste

The spices and chutneys grind on the Sill Batta are more delicious in taste. This is because when spices are slowly ground on the sill Batta, their taste is not lost, but the aroma comes out from inside and the taste increases even more.

4. Nutrients do not get destroyed but Enhanced : Sill Batta benefits according to Ayurveda

When spices or chutneys are ground in a grinder, their nutrients are reduced because the grinder reduces the nutrients of spices and vegetables by its speed and electric heat. But this does not happen when you grind on the Sill Batta.

5. Vegetables and spices are crushed under the pressure

Where the grinder grinds the spices and vegetables by chopping. The spices and vegetables are crushed on the Sil Batta. That makes Flavor and oil come out from inside of them.

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