Reality Of Turmeric Can Stop Pregnancy

Reality Of Turmeric Can Stop Pregnancy

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Reality Of Turmeric Can Stop Pregnancy

Turmeric contains a chemical called curcumin! And in many research, it has been proved that this chemical called curcumin acts as a contraceptive. Because it affects the movement of sperms and eliminates many sperms. But there are many questions here that really shed light on the truth of whether Turmeric actually has any effect when it comes to eating to avoid pregnancy.


Quantity Problem: Reality Of Turmeric Can Stop Pregnancy

First of all, it is necessary to know that turmeric has only 3% less curcumin. And looking as a contraceptive option, you need to eat more turmeric than the healthy limit. Again it will not be beneficial for the body. Although it has been found that many women used to use it by applying it in their vagina, it is also not a healthy- hygienic option. It cannot be said with certainty that turmeric is a good and effective option in this way too.

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Problem of absorption by the body: Reality Of Turmeric Can Stop Pregnancy


Research on this issue done in 2011 and 2014 suggests that there is also the problem of whether the body is properly absorbing the 3% curcumin in turmeric, that you are taking. Because until the body does not absorb it, it has no effect.

Harm of Turmeric in excess

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If you start eating turmeric more than a certain amount every day, then it becomes dangerous for the liver, stomach good bacteria, kidney, heart and blood.

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Thus, all these analyses suggest that we cannot be sure it will act as a contraceptive by consuming turmeric. If you eat more turmeric in this effort, then it can be harmful for your body.

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