5 (chakra flower) Star Anise Benefits in Ayurveda

5 (chakra flower) Star Anise Benefits in Ayurveda

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Star anise benefits in Ayurveda , Star anise (chakra flower) is a medicine that is considered hot in nature and effects. It balances the Vata and Kapha doshas in the body but increases the pitta dosha. Its medicinal properties destroy cold in the body and increase body heat. It accelerates the blood circulation in the body. Star anise (chakra flower) has Antioxidants, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits.

1. Digestive Health: Star anise benefits in Ayurveda

Increase Digestion

Star anise (chakra flower) is hot in nature and it also increases the fire of digestion. Therefore it is used under garam masala or hot spice making in India. So that it can go into the main dishes of food and the dishes can be easily digested.

2. For the health of the new mother: Star anise benefits in Ayurveda

new mother

In Ayurveda, because the Star anise (chakra flower) is balanced the increased Vata dosha. That is why it is used in a certain quantity in the new mother’s dishes. So that a certain heat can be given to her body. Not only this, it also enhances the quality of breast milk of the mother.

3. Get Rid of Gas: Star anise benefits in Ayurveda


Star anise (chakra flower) also gives relief from the gas formed in the stomach. That’s why it is used regularly inside the garam masala used in Indian cuisine.

4. Reduces Body Inflammation: Star anise benefits in Ayurveda

arthritis pain

Anti-inflammatory properties are found inside Star anise (chakra flower). Ayurveda has also said that its nature is warm. It reduces inflammation or swelling in the body. The chemical called anethole is helpful in protecting against the problem of inflammation.

5. Antitumor and Anti Cancer Properties

blood infection

Some of the current research tells that some such chemicals are found in Star anise (chakra flower) which protects the body from tumors. Apart from this, the flower also prevents the formation of cancer cells. That’s why, if you want to avoid these diseases. Then you should start using star anise in your spices. But if you get cancer already, you need treatment.

Precautions to be taken while taking Star anise (chakra flower)

1. The effect of celery is very hot, so it is advised to consume it in a certain amount only.

2. Use Star anise (chakra flower) carefully on the skin as it gives a burning feeling on the skin.

3. Consuming excess Star anise (chakra flower) can make the stomach hot or cause acid reflux.

4. Avoid using Star anise (chakra flower) during pregnancy. because its hot effect can be harmful in pregnancy.

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