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Why in Ayurveda Milk is good for constipation

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Why in Ayurveda Milk is good for constipation , Constipation is a very common but serious problem. Because if it persists for a long time then it also causes piles. because of the constipation toxins do not come out of the body and body could not be cleaned properly. The entire digestive system starts to disrupted and appetite also decreases. The direct negative effect of which could be visible on the whole body.

reasons for constipation

Here we will talk about whether Milk reduces the problem of constipation or not? And what has been said about it in Ayurveda. It should be known that if Milk is taken in a certain way, then yes it reduces the problem of constipation. Let’s discuss more about it.

Remedies for constipation

  Activates the Organs: Why in Ayurveda Milk is good for constipation


  If you have the problem of constipation and hard stool. Then you should drink milk, especially before sleeping at night. By doing this your stomach will be empty easily in the morning. Because milk activates the organs and system, that makes easier to pass stool. 

Increases digestive fire: Why in Ayurveda Milk is good for constipation

  Ayurveda says milk increases digestion ‘agni’. In the problem of hard stool constipation, it is advised to drink hot milk . Because hot milk is hot in potency and increases the fire of the digestive system. It also stimulates pressure in large intestine to take out the stool from the body.

It Activates the Good Bacteria in Gut

Types of Constipation According to Ayurveda

   The main function of milk in relieving constipation is that it activates all types of organs and parts related to the digestive system. So it also activates the good bacteria found in the large intestine and stimulates them.

Vata Dosha and Kapha Dosha


  If Vata dosha gets aggravated then the problem of constipation of hard stools arises. Milk efforts to balance the aggravated Vata by increasing the Kapha dosha. Hot milk eliminates Vata in the body and activates the kapha dosha on the better hand. Due to this, it makes easy to pass the stool.

Takes Milk with: Why in Ayurveda Milk is good for constipation

If you have the problem of hard stool constipation, then instead of taking mere milk. You should take milk with some of these items.

1. Ghee

2. black raisins

3. Jaggery

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