Do bananas cause constipation What Ayurveda says

Do bananas cause constipation What Ayurveda says

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Do bananas cause constipation What Ayurveda says

Constipation is a very common but serious problem. Because if it persists for a long time then it also causes piles. because of constipation toxins do not come out from the body and body could not be cleaned properly. The entire digestive system starts to be disrupted and appetite also decreases. The direct negative effect of which could be visible on the whole body.

Reasons of constipation

Types of Constipation in Ayurveda: Do bananas cause constipation What Ayurveda says

Types of Constipation According to Ayurveda

 First of all, let’s know that there are two types of constipation in Ayurveda. Yes! 1. when the large intestine does not feel easy to pass the waste or when the stool is too tight. On the other hand 2nd , that condition is also seen as constipation when your digestive system is not able to fully digest and absorb the food and your stool is coming out half-digested. In such a situation, apart from this, you also have the problem of acid burps and acid reflux. This condition is also called constipation. Thus in Ayurveda there are two types of constipation when the stool is not easily passed and when the stool is under-digested and motion comes frequently but not watery.

Read When Banana is Good in Constipation

In which type of constipation banana is good and bed: Do bananas cause constipation What Ayurveda says

starchy bananas and constipation

 Here we will talk about whether banana reduces the problem of constipation or not? It should be known that if banana is taken in a certain quantity, then yes it reduces the problem of constipation. But if you eat it too much then it can increase the frequency of motions. Which again becomes a problem in itself. Let’s know why banana is beneficial in constipation.

After all, why will there be constipation after eating more bananas.

Increase Digestion

Good Fiber

Healthy Bacteria


Good Starch

      Do bananas cause constipation What Ayurveda says, when you eat bananas in moderate quantity then it is good but if you eat whole one dozen in a single day then because of the all qualities banana will make your digestion system overloaded with same food quality that will trigger your digestion system and you starts to feel acidic burps and large intestine become slippery so motion frequency could increase too.

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