Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

When You Should Not Drink Coffee ? 7 health condition

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When you should not drink coffee ? 7 health condition

Coffee not only contains caffeine, but also some chemicals are found in it, which are not good for health in excessive amounts. Coffee is not considered good for health from an Ayurvedic point of view, but you can take it as a medicine once or twice a week. Most people consume coffee daily and especially sometimes four to five cups of coffee are consumed by them daily. The chemicals found in coffee in such quantity are not good for the health of the body and also for the health of the mind. Know about such special physical conditions that if you have, then you should absolutely distance yourself from the consumption of excessive coffee.

1. Adrenal fatigue: When You Should Not Drink Coffee


the extra Caffeine affects cortisol hormones. So if you have problems with adrenal fatigue, then try to consume coffee in a controlled amount, otherwise, it can increase your problem.

2. hormonal problems: When You Should Not Drink Coffee

Hormone imbalance and weight gain

The hormones problems such as thyroid or PCOS related or any other. Then you should work on consuming coffee because coffee disrupts the secretion of hormones.

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3. sleep issues: When You Should Not Drink Coffee


It is known to all that coffee gives you energy for a long time and prevents sleep for a long time . But if you already have any problem related to sleep then you should not take coffee at all otherwise it can increase the problem related to insomnia.

4. unmanaged stress, anxiety or depression: When You Should Not Drink Coffee

If you drink more than a cup in a day, then it can increase the problem of stress and depression. Because inside coffee there are chemicals that make you very active and this can make you overthinking, over emotions, due to which your depression can also increase.

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5. fatty liver: When You Should Not Drink Coffee

If you have fatty liver problem, then coffee increases the problems caused due to fatty liver.

6. heart health and high palpitations

heart diseases

Consumption of coffee increases the heart rate and if you are consuming more than a certain limit in a day. Then it can give you the problem of high palpitations. If for some reason you already has high palpitation due to a body infection or blood infection, then it can be even more dangerous.

7. high blood pressure

Coffee increases high blood pressure. So people who have the problem of high blood pressure should stay away from coffee because the chemicals found in it are not good for high blood pressure.

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