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What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

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What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

The main cause of migraine is the increase of Vata and pitta dosha in the body, due to this, the acidity / gas goes into the head and pain starts in the the head. According to Ayurveda, both acidity (hyperacidity) & migraine are caused predominantly due to pitta (when pitta increases along with vayu in body or/and mind). First of all, Let’s know the reasons that increases the Vata and Pitta dosha in the body and cause migraine pain.

Eating leftover and frozen food: What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine


In Ayurveda, stale, leftover and frozen food is considered like poison. Because all the nutrients of stale food are destroyed and bacteria keep growing in it, these bacteria are fatal for the digestive system. When you eat stale food then it effects digestive system and you started to have problems like over acidity, stomach pain, gas bloating. When this gas goes on the head due to excess acidity the migraine started to rooted.

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Consuming non-veg for dinner or in excess: What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

non veg food

Non-veg foods are high in protein and need good digestion. This makes digestion of Vata prone and increases the pitta dosha. In Ayurveda foos that increase body heat and distraubed mental peace identifies as “Tamsik”, nonveg food is one of those. This all may become the reason for migraine.

Beginning the day with Caffeine: What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

A maximum number of people take tea or coffee as the first thing in the morning. In the morning our body is an empty stomach, the digestion system is ready to catch and absorb the food, and the glands are fresh as the morning sun. When you drink coffee as the first meal, it actually burns the organs with its unhealthy organs and destroys the natural body ‘Rasayana’ system. This directly affects all hormones secretion and the digestive system too and makes your head pain.

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Eating deep-fried food post 9 pm: What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

fried food

In the case of an increased Pitta dosha ,deep-fried food is very harmful and it increases the problem more. Not only that it is also responsible for High palpitation and high BP, these problem also correlated to headache.

Being angry or stressed: What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

Anger increases pitta dosha in the body, due to which your body can be surrounded by diseases caused due to pitta dosha. You may feel needle pricking on your skin, headaches and heartbeat problem.

Due to disturbed sleep/ Insomnia: What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

In pitta dosha treatment in Ayurveda, at least 3 to 4 hours of rest should be taken in the afternoon. This rule must be followed. At least 9 to 10 hours in 8 days. A little rest is necessary for an increased Pitta in the body. But it is not that you lie down for the whole day. If somehow your sleep cycle is disturbed you started to feel headache with tiredness.

Due to Traveling: What Ayurveda says About Reasons for Migraine

When you travel, More body’s energies burns and breaks at the time of travel. When more energy is transferred from the body then the body becomes weak which effect the body doshas. In such a situation, the pain of migraine increases.

Due to a Sedentary lifestyle

If your life is very lazy or has lack of physical activities. like you do most of your work sitting or your most of the time goes by lying on the bed. So even in such a situation, toxins, dosha, acidity keep increasing in your body . Which can increase the problem of migraine.

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