9 turmeric and milk benefits In Ayurveda

9 turmeric and milk benefits In Ayurveda | golden milk benefits that you must know

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Nature and Properties of Milk


Turmeric and milk benefits In Ayurveda is a very powerful drink. Before going further it will be good if we understand both Prakriti separately. That will help us to deeply understand the real benefits. milk has been termed as an energy-enhancing “Rasayana” (chemical). It is a miraculous juice that if taken cold, it is of a cold nature, if taken warm, it is of warm energy. Usually, it increases Kapha while on the other hand it works to balance Vata and Pitta Dosha in the body. Generally, milk is heavy to digest and produces gas. But still, it is very beneficial for the body because it is a very important source of calcium, protein, and other minerals.

Dosha and nature of turmeric


In Turmeric and milk benefits the role of turmeric is the center player. Turmeric is called gold in spices due to its yellow color and amazing properties. Even if its properties are described briefly, it will still be a fairly long list. As such it has antiseptic antibacterial, detoxifier, anti-allergic characteristics. According to Ayurvedic dosha theory, it balances the Vata element, while on the other hand, it reduces pitta and Kapha. Turmeric is warm in Taseer and keeps the body warm.

Why the mixture called Golden milk

When milk and turmeric meet each other, they increased each other’s qualities as result the Turmeric and milk benefits increase. While milk is helpful in reducing vata and kapha. Turmeric is used to balance vata and increase pitta and control kapha dosha in the body. Turmeric milk is very warm from Taseer. In this way, the two together form a mixture that is beneficial for the body of Vata And Kapha. The detailed description of the benefits of milk is as follows.

ayurvedic combination of milk and turmeric

Benefits of Golden milk / 9 turmeric and milk benefits

# Antivirals and Antibacterials

 Turmeric milk has antiviral and antibacterial properties hence it is a strong home remedy for cold, sore throat, pain and cough.  After taking it hot, the kapha accumulated in the lungs sometimes comes out.

# For Body inflammation and Pain

# Body injury

A mixture of milk and turmeric is very beneficial for both internal and external injuries when the body is hurt. It eliminates the pain of body due to injury and eliminates muscle stiffness.  Because of the enrichment of calcium, bone injury is also easily cured.

# In allergic diseases

 A mixture of milk and turmeric is very effective in allergic diseases, for example in asthma lungs.  This is because the body provides anti-allergic immunity after taking Turmeric Milk.  Turmeric It also has antimicro bacterial properties which prevents negative effects in lungs from diseases like bronchitis sinus.

#  Blood sugar control

In Ayurveda, the best time to take this turmeric milk is told before bedtime. At that time it prevents the excess amount of sugar in body making from the food we eat in dinner. Along with this the bitter quality of turmeric helps in reduce blood suger level.

#  Blood and liver cleanliness

 Cleans the liver and acts as a detoxifier for the body. Turmeric milk works as blood purifier in body and helps to reduce bad ‘Rasayana’ (chemicals) in liver.

# For postpartum women

There is also an excess of Vata in the body of women after delivery.  Due to which they feel pain in bones throughout the body.  That is why it is kept in Indian traditional maternity care to have turmeric milk.  Not only this, it also prevents infection from post-natal wounds and helps to heal quickly.

# Extra fat reduction

 Turmeric milk make the body metabolism work hard and fast. As the result the body gets extra fat burning.  The body also keeps the blood sugar balanced. This all in total helps body to burn extra calories and control weight.

# Increases immunity

 In Ayurveda, turmeric milk has been considered to increase the energy of the body, fire and ojas.  And when the level of these three increases in the body, the body’s resistance also increases. Hence it heilps to improve body immunity.  In addition, it provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory values to the body.

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