7 Benefits Of Garlic and Mustard Oil Body Massage

7 Benefits Of Garlic and Mustard Oil Body Massage: Vata Balancing Body Massage

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In Ayurveda garlic and mustard oil body massage proves to be very helpful in eradicating all the pain of the body. So let’s know what will the benefits of garlic when it mixed with mustard!

Mustard oil has very special importance in Ayurveda and in Indian tradition. Often it is also known as bitter oil because its taste is slightly bitter and pungent. According to Ayurveda, its effect is warm in nature and destroys the Vata and Kapha dosha of the body. Mustard has So much importance as in the form of edible oil, the same importance is also in the form of massaging the body. On the other hand, garlic is said to be the destroyer of Vata and Kapha doshas in Ayurveda. But it increases pitta dosha. The combination of garlic and mustard as a massage oil has many important medicinal benefits. The oil for garlic and mustard oil body massage is prepared by boiling garlic in mustard oil.

7 Benefits Of Oil Body Massage

 Beneficial in Arthritis Pain

   The garlic and mustard oil body massage works as medicine for arthritis pain. This oil has the power to reduce various diseases caused by aggravation of Vata dosha in the body.  That is why it reduces the pain caused by inflammation of arthritis.  Arthritis patients should massage it thrice a week in the summer season and try to do it twice a day in winter season.

 Beneficial in Inflammation of Internal Injury

Garlic and mustard oil body massage  are very beneficial in internal inflammatory muscle pain caused by injury.  By massaging regularly on the site of injury, it reduces the swelling of the muscles and eliminates the pain.  Not only this, the oil works for repairing the place of injury.  But it only works on the internal injury, it is not right to apply on the open wound injury.

 Cold and Cough in Children

 From newborn to an adult person, this garlic mustard oil works in cold and cough. It is very useful for a newborn baby because it is advised to avoid giving them any allopathy or antibiotic medicine in diseases like cold and cough. That is why this recipe proves to be very useful, which has been used in Ayurveda and Indian traditions for a long time. If there is a Cold/cough, then warm garlic mustard oil massage twice a day will be good! Where the special parts of the massage should be the soles of the hands, feet, chest and back.

 For New Mother Body massage

   A woman who has just given birth to a child, her body goes through a very tender phase in which her body is very weak, the bones have become weak and the Vata dosha increases in the body.  She feels pain in the body parts and if it is not taken care of, then this could be last for the whole life.  That is why the whole body of the ne mother is massaged daily by lightly lukewarm mustard garlic oil.  By doing this, gradually her body starts becoming strong and painless like a normal body.

 Winter Season

  In Ayurveda, the effect of garlic and mustard oil body massage is said to be very warm. That is why it proves to be a boon for the winter season as it protects the body from cold winter winds and preserves body heat.  Therefore, such people who feel more cold or get more diseases due to cold should do this massage.

 Rich in Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial properties

   Where mustard alone has anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties, garlic also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. When the mixture of these two make garlic mustard oil, then it works like an excellent antifungal and antibacterial treatment. It helps to protect the skin from any disease caused by bacteria and fungus.

 Reduces Excess body fat

 Because garlic and mustard oil body massage is warm in the ‘taseer’, so after massaging it, it starts burning the extra fat and cholesterol in the body very fast.  It is also a gift for such people who keep looking for new ways to reduce their body fat.

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