Benefits of Ginger for Cough in Ayurveda

5 Benefits of Ginger for Cough in Ayurveda

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Benefits of Ginger for cough in Ayurveda , In ancient Indian texts, which are related to health, ginger is considered a very important herb. which you can use daily in a small quantity. Its use has been considered very beneficial for certain diseases such as cough. Ginger is commonly used in both raw and dried forms. Raw ginger is known by the name of ginger and dry ginger is known as ‘Sounth’. There are special chemicals found in ginger that destroy phlegm in the body and help to eliminate cough. Let’s know how ginger can be used for cough in Ayurveda.

Ginger and Milk: Benefits of Ginger for cough in Ayurveda

Benefits of Ginger for Cough in Ayurveda

You can drink warm milk with crushed ginger in it and drink it before sleeping at night. By drinking this, your cough, whether it is allergic or by phlegm, will be seen as relief. Ginger Contains chemicals that benefit cough.

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Dry ginger and jaggery: Benefits of Ginger for cough in Ayurveda

Apart from this, if cough is accompanied by cold / then syrup made from dry ginger and jaggery is also very beneficial. It provides anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral ability to the body. This Controls Vata dosha in the body aggravated due to excess cold.

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Ginger and Basil (Tulsi) Tea: Benefits of Ginger for cough in Ayurveda

basil tea

Ginger and Tulsi tea are also very beneficial in cough. Because Tulsi also eliminates the bacteria responsible for cough in itself, when tea is made with ginger, its effect increases.

Saunth, black pepper and honey: Benefits of Ginger for Cough in Ayurveda

If you catch a cold in winter, you also feel cold and burning in the lungs along with the pain in the throat. So this is one of the best home remedies made from dry ginger. In this, all you have to do is make a mixture of dry ginger and honey and lick it with your fingers twice a day.

Ginger and Liquorice (Mulethi): Benefits of Ginger for Cough in Ayurveda

Ginger and Liquorice (Mulethi)

If you have a sore throat and you are coughing a little because of the sore throat. This means that you have a bacterial or viral infection in your throat and food pipeline. A mixture prepared by peeling half an inch of ginger juice, three pinches of liquorice powder, and half a teaspoon of honey should be licked by applying it on the tongue with the finger twice a day.


1. Ginger is good only in the specified quantity. It should not be used in large quantities. It may increase the heat of the body and anxiety.

2. All these things should not be given to children below 2 years of age. They are easily digested and absorbed by the only adult body.

3. Such people who feel very hot, sweat profusely, has Pitta dosha body and increased pitta dosha, they should consume all these home remedies very carefully.

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