Full effective Ayurveda diabetes diet,

Full effective Ayurveda diabetes diet, you should Follow

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Under Ayurveda diabetes diet is based on the doshas status of the body of a diabetic patient. After that ayurveda suggest some such fruits, vegetables or grains,that could control diabetes . It is necessary to know that reason of diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to digest the sugar level properly and the condition of sugar in the blood keeps on increasing. Let us know which are the foods that are good for diabetes and have the power to control your diabetes. I include diet chart for breakfast to dinner. After following this you can control diabetes. Along with this, you can also give your body the necessary strength and nutrition with this diet plan.

Ayurveda diabetes diet in Empty Stomach


1. Fenugreek Seed Water

A glass of water of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight has the ability to balance advanced diabetes. Fenugreek seeds are bitter and they are hot in nature.

2. Jamun seeds water

Jamun is one such fruit found in India which is very beneficial for diabetes. A teaspoon Dried jamun seeds powder soaked overnight in a glass of water, should consume by Diabetic patients on an empty stomach in the morning.

3. White Sadabahar plant flower

The sadabahar plant is a plant that is very commonly found in every household in India. Diabetes controls if the white sadabahar flowers are eaten on an empty stomach.

4. lukewarm water

If you do not have any of the above three, then you must drink lukewarm water on an empty stomach. Because it makes the digestive system healthy and helps in reducing the sugar level by flushing out the toxins of the body in the morning.

Ayurveda diabetes diet for breakfast


1. Poha

It is very light to digest. It does not contain any kind of fat or cholesterol. And it is full of all kinds of nutrients.

2. Seasonal Saag/leafy vegetables with Roti (local bread)

According to the season, rotis should be made with mixing available seasonal greens. Like spinach roti, fenugreek leaves roti or bathua saag roti.

3. Idli

It is made by using yeast with rice flour and yeast is very good for diabetics. Yeast digest food very easily and also reduces sugar levels.

4. Oats

Oats are very good for diabetic patients. It is a very healthy breakfast or snack.

5. Barley

Oatmeal is full of high fiber, light to digest, and reduces fat, cholesterol or sugar.

6. Bajra Khichdi

Millet is a great cereal. Which has been forgotten at the present time. But it has many health benefits. Bajra khichdi is very beneficial for the diabetic patient as a breakfast. You can include any of these in your breakfast or eat them as part of your circulation routine during the week. It is great for all sugar patients and contains all the important nutritional and minerals. A healthy person should also eat all these things.

Ayurveda diabetes diet for Afternoon

diet 1

1. Vegetables

Such vegetables are better for diabetic patients, that do not contain lot of starch, carbohydrates and sugar. It is good to have vegetables that are bitter in taste, light to digest, have more hydration, and contain chemicals that reduce sugar. For example- ladyfinger zucchini raw cilantro Ghiya Bitter gourd Drumstick turnip All green leafy vegetables In lunch, you can have a bowl of any of these vegetables.

2. Lentils

A refined floor is absolutely harmful to diabetic patient. By the way, even a normal healthy person should not eat refined flour. Because it spoils overall health. Such grains are good which are coarse and the flour is not very grinded. Wheat, millet, barley, maize, and rice – You can consume any one or two of these grains with vegetables.

3. Yogurt or Buttermilk

You must use curd or buttermilk with lunch. It contains lactic acid, vitamin C, other nutrition and minerals. All these do not allow any type of fat cholesterol and carbohydrate to be accumulate in the body. It does this by accelerating the digestion process and helping in the complete digestion of food. That is why drinking it with food is more beneficial.

Ayurveda diabetes diet for dinner


According to Ayurveda, the dinner should be lightest. Because during the night, the body makes energy at the lowest rate from food. So if you eat more heavy food then it accumulates fat and cholesterol in the body. And for a diabetic patient, this thing should be followed very strictly. Because his body is already converting the energy obtained from food into sugar. The diabetic patient should avoid eating sweets of any kind during the night.

1. Salted Oats

As already mentioned, oats are very good for diabetic patient. That’s why salted oats are a good option for dinner.

2. Porridge/ khichdi

Khichdi also has all the nutrients inside it and it is light to digest, you can have a big bowl of khichdi at night.

3. Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is full of nutritional properties of all vegetables and vegetables take very less time to digest. That’s why vegetable soup is a good choice for dinner.

4. Roti with digestible vegetables

You can eat two or three rotis at night according to your appetite. You can choose easily digestible vegetables to eat with rotis.

5. Milk

Take a glass of milk before sleeping at night, but do not mix any kind of sweetener in the milk.

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