9 Muskmelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda

9 Muskmelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda : You Must Know

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MuskMelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda is covered the entire body. In Ayurveda, MuskMelon comes under the category of such fruits, whose entire part is considered edible. Although the peels are thrown, their pulp and middle part filled with seeds are very beneficial for health. It is a summer fruit and according to Ayurveda, it has a cooling nature. In this way, it gives the necessary nutrients to the body in its season. It cools the body in summer, keeps it hydrated, and fulfills the deficiency of nutrients secreted in sweat. According to Ayurveda, its seeds are also very beneficial, which are sweet in taste, cold in nature and remove various types of toxins from the body. Let’s read this article on melon seeds

1. Keeping the body cool: MuskMelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda

under sun

The nature of MuskMelon has been described as cold in Ayurveda. It reduces body heat and keeps it cool. However, you can consume the Muskmelon seeds throughout the year. But in summer it is used extensively in a drink called Thandai. Because Thandai is also a drink that keeps the body cool and Muskmelon seeds play an important role in making it.

2. Strengthens Bones: MuskMelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda

Strengthens Bones

MuskMelon seeds are rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium that strengthen bones. That is why in Ayurveda, Muskmelon seeds are also counted among the substances that strengthen bones. Such Indian traditional recipes, which are made for strengthening bones, Muskmelon seeds are used very well in that.

3. Lowering Blood Pressure: MuskMelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda


Because Muskmelon seeds are cooling in Ayurvedic nature. They help in reducing blood pressure. The scientific analysis also says that it contains a good amount of nutritious, minerals such as potassium. Which helps in reducing blood pressure.

4. In diabetes: MuskMelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda

Traditionally, Muskmelon seeds have also been consumed under Ayurveda to keep the glucose level of the body normal. Modern scientific research also says that Muskmelon seed’s alpha-glucosidase inhibitor reduces the absorption of carbohydrates, which also lowers the level of glucose (drinks to lower diabetes).

5. For Good Skin: MuskMelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda

anti aging

Muskmelon seeds contain all the nutrients and chemicals that help in keeping the skin glowing and youthful such as Magnesium, Calcium, Iron Zinc, Sodium, Copper etc. It nourishes your skin from within.

6. Strengthens Immunity: MuskMelon Seeds Benefits in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Muskmelon seeds are counted under such foods that develop the body’s immunity. According to scientific research, Muskmelon seeds contain a good amount of magnesium and manganese, which helps in strengthening the body’s immunity.

7. For Eye Health

Eye Health

Muskmelon seeds are good for eyes health because they are cold and are Pitta reducers. That is why they have been considered an important role in sharpening eyesight. Vitamin A and antioxidant content have also been found in them, providing protection to the eyes.

8. Stress / Anxiety and Depression

Muskmelon seeds keep the body and mind cool and along with this, the amount of anti-oxidants in them is found to be good for relaxing the mind. That is why it also helps to a great extent in reducing stress. Quite often the stress comes due to physical weakness or the lack of blood. Muskmelon seeds also help to eliminate the weakness of the body.

9. For Strong Hair

Weakness of our body, stress, dehydration, lack of nutrients etc, has a bad effect on our hair. Due to this the hair gradually starts to weaken, and they start falling. By eating Muskmelon seeds, all these problems end, and its direct positive effect is seen on the health of the hair. Gradually the hair becomes stronger and its shine also comes back.

Cautions while eating Muskmelon seeds

1. Muskmelon seeds should not be consumed more than half a teaspoon daily.

2. By eating more Muskmelon seeds, your blood pressure could decrease, so eat only within the prescribed quantity and it would be better if you eat thrice a week.

3. Excess Consumption of Muskmelon seeds can also cause stones in the kidney or bladder. That is why it is beneficial to eat carefully in the prescribed quantity only.

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