Ayurveda Tips For High Blood Pressure

Ayurveda Tips For High Blood Pressure

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Ayurveda Tips for high blood pressure , A patient of high blood pressure should pay special attention to his lifestyle because if he makes small changes in his lifestyle then he can control his high blood pressure to a great extent. Here we will discuss tips according to Ayurveda. In this article, we read that what to do and what not to do in high blood pressure. Come let’s go and know about such a lifestyle and tips.

Practice Yoga: Ayurveda Tips for high blood pressure

yoga and gastric stomach

Regular practice of yoga gives healthy, strong and long life to every part of your body. It normalizes the health of the blood, and normalizes the heart. Regular yoga has the ability to reverse each and every disease of your body.

Meditation Practice: Ayurveda Tips for high blood pressure


The work that yoga does for the body, regular practice of meditation do the same for your mind or brain health. A calm mind and brain are very necessary to regulate normal blood pressure. That’s why you should practice meditation regularly.

Good Sleep: Ayurveda Tips for high blood pressure

If you are not able to take a deep and good sleep in your life. Then it will also invite other diseases and could multiply the diseases which are already in your body. In the context of high blood pressure, it works very well. So if you want your high blood pressure to be controlled, then you should try to get a good and long sleep.

Do not eat too much heavy food in one go: Ayurveda Tips for high blood pressure

food and ayurveda

A single heavy meal filled the stomach fully, due to which the digestion process is obstructed. It increases the problem of restlessness and dyspepsia. Which increases the high blood pressure. So it would be appropriate that you eat multiple light meals Instead of a heavy one.

Walk 200 steps after dinner

During the night the Digestion ‘fire’ slows down according to Ayurveda. So to increase the digestion, you should walk 100 to 200 steps after dinner and before go to bed. It will definitely speed up your digestion and reduce the high blood pressure due to digestive problems.

Water/ good hydration

The demand of water in the body of high blood pressure patients increases. They often feel thirsty and dry mouth feeling. So they should drink more water. So that they can avoid dehydration.

Chew the food properly

Do not swallow food too fast. After sitting comfortably, chew slowly and eat. According to Ayurveda, the food should not be swallon until it becomes as thin as water. In this way, you will be able to mix appropriate saliva in the food and it will also be easy to digest.

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