Side Effects of Late Night Dinner

7 Side Effects of Late Night Dinner

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Side Effects of Late Night Dinner, Due to bad lifestyle and employment-related commitments, every one after reaching home and taking rest, eats between 9:30 to 10:30 in the night. This is a routine that is very difficult for everyone to change. But it is also necessary for you to know that sleeping immediately after having late-night dinner is very harmful for your body and mind. So try to keep 1 hours gap between dinner and going to bed. Let’s know the list of late-night dinner disadvantages.

Stomach related problems: Side Effects of Late Night Dinner

According to Ayurveda Food eaten at the night gives rise to problems related to the stomach like constipation, problems in emptying the stomach in the morning, gas, bloating etc.

Weight gain: Side Effects of Late Night Dinner

weight gain

When you go to bed, just After taking food. The use of that food as the energy by the body is reduced and after digesting that food converts into fat. Due to this weight starts to increase and the size of the stomach also increases.

Poor sleep: Side Effects of Late Night Dinner


When you sleep after late-night dinner. You could not sleep well because your body is busy in digesting food and somewhere it affects your mind and brain. Due to this mind does not calm down. And your sleep is disturbed.

Risk of getting diabetes: Side Effects of Late Night Dinner


Diabetes occurs in the body only when the glucose in the body is not properly consumed by the body and the amount of sugar in the blood increases. After having food at night, the body goes through a similar process because the body is slowly started accumulating of glucose. But the glucose received by it is not being used properly because for this it is necessary for the body to be active.

Problems related to blood pressure: Side Effects of Late Night Dinner

Because the food eaten just before sleeping in the night gives rise to diseases related to digestion in your body. So it also affects the normal status of your blood, due to which you may also have problems related to blood pressure.

Heart problems

When you have late-night dinner in your life as a regular part. It becomes the cause of all the above-mentioned diseases, which also directly affect your heart health. Especially high blood pressure and digestion-related problems in the heart after a long time, create the risk of blockage, attacked and stroke.

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