7 Benefits of Eating Curd Daily According to Ayurveda

7 Benefits of Eating Curd Daily According to Ayurveda

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Benefits of eating curd daily according to Ayurveda, Curd Or Dahi in Ayurveda is called Cooling Nature. As overall it is very beneficial for the health of the body. Curd comes under the category of best probiotic food. Let’s know that after all, what are the benefits of curd/yogurt by including it in your daily lunch.

Digestive Health: Benefits of eating curd daily according to Ayurveda


When the good bacteria enter the stomach with curd, the digestive power of the stomach is improved. The food is easily digested. And the problem of gas and constipation reduce. Overall it makes the process of digestion healthy.

Keeps the body cool: Benefits of eating curd daily according to Ayurveda

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Curd keep the body cool by quenching body heat. It helps to eliminate any kind of inflammation in the body. That’s why probiotic foods also give for stomach cooling in indigestion. (how to cool your body in summer)

Immunity: Benefits of eating curd daily according to Ayurveda

When in the body good bacteria decrease from their normal level. Then the immunity also gradually starts falling and the bad bacteria start attacking the body. That is why eating curd develops immunity in the body. The body becomes stronger against bacterial and viral infections after eating curd.(how to improve your immunity)

Minimizes Side Effects of Antibiotics: Benefits of eating curd daily according to Ayurveda

infertility drugs and cancer

If you have a bacterial infection and are on antibiotics to eliminate it. Then antibiotics kill all types of bacteria in the body. This means antibiotics do not differentiate between good bacteria and bad bacteria. That is why during your course good bacteria in your body also decrease. To reduce the side effects of antibiotics, you need to eat things like curd, which maintains the balance of good bacteria..

For Heart Health: Benefits of eating curd daily according to Ayurveda

Curd reduces the chances of any kind of blood infection. Whose effect on the heart is also seen. Because whenever there is a blood infection in your body, it also affects heart health. That’s why probiotic yogurt is also important for good heart health.

In mouth ulcers


If you have mouth ulcers, then you should consume curd because it is full of probiotics and good bacteria. These eliminate the heat and bacteria responsible for mouth ulcers.

Good Mental Health

When there is a deficiency of good bacteria in the body, the body feels more unhealthy. The effect is also seen by the body as sending negative messages and energy to the brain. Due to this diseases flourish more and bring anxiety and stress together. That is why the probiotics in the right amount in the body also prevent all these problems too.

Preventing Pneumonia and Lung Infection

With the help of curd, you can avoid any type of infection in the lungs and especially pneumonia. Because the good bacteria found in yogurt eliminate the bacteria of pneumonia and do not allow them to flourish.

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