The Indian Mythology Of Clay Pot

The Indian Mythology Of Clay Pot: The Divinity, The Spiritual Earthenware

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1. Clay pot as a symbol of womb: Mythology Of Clay Pot

mitti ke bartan

     Soil is the main part of Mother Nature itself and with the help of that clay, construction of Pot is considered as ‘womb’ in Hindu religious traditions.  So in this way, the Clay Pot is considerd as the mother Earth’s womb.  In the very ancient Text ‘Mahabharata’, clay kumbos(Pots) had been used by sage ‘Ved Vyas’ for as womb for the birth of hundred sons of ‘Gandhari’. It is believed that at that time ‘Ved Vyas’ and many other had the knowledge of this method. In the present time it is called Test tube baby method.  And it is considered ‘modern’ by modern science but it is mentioned in thousands of years old ‘Mahabharata’.  After every 12 years in India, the ‘fair of Mahakumbha’ is held on a special Muhurta, shows the importance of Kumbha(Clay pot as symbol as womb).

2. Water in pot as a symbol of Spritual Energy: Mythology Of Clay Pot

water pot

In the Old knowledge tradition found in India, whether it is religious or health related as Ayurveda or Yoga.  The importance of the five ‘mahabhutas'(Basic Elements) is very high. The five ‘mahabhutas’ are Earth, water, air, sky and fire.  A Pot made from the soil is the reflection of these great five element in itself. The water filled clay(earth) has the air inside it. It is kept under the sky and worshiped with the flame of fire.  Thus, this process represents the union of all the five great ‘Mahabhutas’ in one place, which symbolizes the divinity of life.  In this way, it represents the energy of the universe that creates life.

3. Worship of clay pot in every festival and important phase of life : Mythology Of Clay Pot

worship kumbh

  The earthen pot/kalash/kumbh has so much religiously and culturally importance in India. The clay pot is the symbol of the five great basic elements or ‘Mahabhutas’ ,divine energy and beginning of new life.  Kumbh is known as Kalash. Often times it is worshiped as a symbol of God or Goddess on occasions. This cultural and religious tradition of worshipping clay pot is also the indication of nature lover and caring civilizational practice in India. It makes them to remeber the importance of nature and environment in every important phase of life whether it is a marriage or a festival.

4. Society of pottery maker believed to be associated with son of the Brahma(God)

pottery making

            A particular group/caste that makes pottery in the society known as the Potter caste.  Although it is considered an inferior caste, but due to their social importance and contribution, they have been given a very important place in the ancient texts and religious practices.  Because they create a Kalash/pot/kumbh from their hands, which is a symbol of new life and the womb.  That’s why in Indian mythology, they recognized as the son of Brahma.

5. The pottery Wheel worshipped by many communities: Mythology Of Clay Pot

Potter’s Wheel is considered like a circle of the universe. It is a symbol of life and balance maintained in universe.  It is a device that transforms the soil into a pot clock. Due to such divine significance of the potter’s Wheel, it is worshiped at the time of the child birth.  The birth of a child and the potter’s wheel have many similarities among themselves.  Which has also been detailed above.

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