The Ayurvedic 7 Benefits Of Olive Oil Body Massage: How To Keep Skin Young With Olive Oil

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 Although there is no evidence of the widespread use of olive oil body massage in the ancient Indian Vedic tradition. But it has been used very specifically in Greek civilization. Current Ayurvedic studies have reported many useful benefits about it too.  According to Ayurveda, olive oil body massage nature is vata and kapha Dosha destroyer.  That is why it is more commonly used in winters.  Because it’s natural properties make it more suitable for winters.


 Physical Pain and Swelling

   Olive oil Massage reduces the pain and swelling of the muscles of the body to a great extent. It warms the body and eliminates muscle strain.

 Hydrate the Skin

 Olive oil has an ever good hydration quality. It creates an inner layer of hydration that the skin can ask for.  Not only this, the omega-3 vitamin E, vitamin K and antioxidants found in it .These all provide freshness, refreshing and skin elasticity to the skin.

 Anti-Aging Property

olive oil

 Due to the presence of anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega 3, and other fatty acids in olive oil. The olive oil body massage provides anti-aging properties to the skin so that the skin does not get wrinkles. Not only this, but it can make the skin 10 years younger.

Stretch Marks

  Because olive oil has very good quality of deep moisturizing and it contains vitamin A, vitamin E and omega-3. All these three play a very special role in reducing strech marks. If we do olive oil body massaged on the marks twice a day, then stretch marks can be reduced to a great extent.

 Keeps the Body Warm

 Because olive oil massage is warm from the Taseer . In winter this is very beneficial because by doing so it maintains the heat of the body. It does not allow body to cool down very quickly or it protects the body from cold winds.

 Beneficial for Hair

 Olive oil massage is also very good for the hair. If it is massaged on the head. It increases the shine of the hair, increases the speed of hair growth, strengthens the hair and the blood circulation of the hair roots increased.

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