mitti ke bartan or Earthenware As A Wheel Of Sustainability

mitti ke bartan or Earthenware As A Wheel Of Sustainability

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Mitti ke bartan is an ancient civilization gift for the current environmental conditions prevailing in our surroundings, it is the duty and responsibility of each individual to use more renewable and recyclable products. It is a known fact that not all products can be recycled, in which case, using products that have a high level of recyclability is advisable. Earthenware products are easily recycled and its recyclability rate is also extremely high.

 Mitti ke bartan creates by Soil ,the mother nature

 Ayurveda states that all substances are made up of five elements. In which earth or soil is one of the chiefs. Man himself is also made of clay. Earthen spontaneity is a symbol of new life, tenderness, purity. That is why clay is considered like a mother. Pottery made of clay has all these qualities in Sahaja Yoga. And like a mother, a man is treated as a child and gets a meal. This means that food prepared and served in soil has a gentle pure life in virtue. Earthen vessels keep man’s life and life practice close to nature and explain to him the importance of nature and its balance for life.

 No Artificial chemical

    #  In the manufacture

pottery making

        For the process of making glass, steel, aluminum utensils, excessive energy is created by the use of artificial resources and chemicals. In the process of making glass, steel and aluminum utensils, not only the energy is high, the pollution of the moment is also high. On the other side mitti ke bartan manufacturing process is very simple and close to natural resources. The energy and flush used in pottery is also much less than that of glass steel aluminum utensils. Pottery is made from smooth pale, red, or black clay by giving shape on the potter’s wheel and then cooked in a furnace. This process is straightforward. No chemical is used to make pottery.

  #  In cooking 

clay pot cooking

    The most profitable cooking among glass, steel, aluminum, and pottery cookware, cooking in the pottery or mitti ke bartan is the best. Because the food made in the pottery does not add any chemicals like aluminum or steel utensils. Although cooking in aluminum is even more harmful than steel because it contains the most chemical secretion. The mitti ke bartan adds additional ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, and oxygen during cooking. Not only this, earthen pots absorb the impurities of food. 

Cleaning and maintenance 

 To wash glass, steel, aluminum and even iron utensils, the use of soap and detergent made of chemicals must be required. If the mitti ke bartan is washed with detergent or soap, the good properties of the pottery and the soil could destroy. The soap particles can enter in small areas of pots. That is why pottery is always cleaned with hot water, cloth, or coconut peel. In this way, cleaning and keeping them are also free of chemicals. This property brings them closer to a sustainable alternative.

Close to nature

mitti ke bartan

   All types of lives are created from the soil. Whether they are trees, plants, environment, animals or humans. The use of pottery brings human closer to this basic element.  In this way, human being should use mitti ke bartan for a naturally sustainable lifestyle.  Pottery contributes in less pollution in the environment, less waste generation and high sustainability.

Body stability

  🌱 Protecting the body from many types of diseases

  At the present time, many researches are being done by modern science to prove that cancer is one of the diseases that are coming out all becouse of synthetic products. All of them are the result of the use of substances and chemicals in human life. An example of which is the greater use of polythene for collection of food items.  These are responsible for entering chemicals in human body through food. Which is not natural for the body and the body’s immune system reacts.  But this does not happens when cooking and serving done in mitti k bartan.

🌱 After its life, it is again soil: no waste generation

    From the natural point of view, it is a sustainable alternative to modernity as mitti ke bartan and other earthernware.  There is no waste from the construction to its destruction.  Even after the utensils are old, they do not keep the burden of waste on the environment and erosion gets merged in the soil itself.

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