Chironji benefits according to Ayurveda

7 Amazing Chironji benefits according to Ayurveda

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Chironji benefits according to Ayurveda has described very well. Chironji is counted under dry fruits. It is Small brown in appearance. According to Ayurveda, it is hot in nature. It balances Vata and Kapha doshas in the body. It is used in sweet dishes in Indian cuisine. Under this, protein, vitamin C, vitamin B, and amino acids are found in abundance. The information is not given as a treatment for any disease but in general to look at the positive properties of this food item. So let’s come to the benefits of eating chironji.

1. Cold: Chironji benefits according to Ayurveda


Because its effect is warm and it also strengthens the immunity, hence it is very beneficial in reducing the problem of cold.

2. Headache: Chironji benefits according to Ayurveda


This is good for the headache caused by cold and cough. In case of cold and cough, mixing 10 -12 Chironji seeds in hot milk and consuming it after heating has a very positive effect.

3. Digestive Power: Chironji benefits according to Ayurveda

Chironji enhances digestion power. Whenever it is added to any recipe, it becomes easy to digest that recipe by the stomach. Chironji also removes the problem of constipation.

4. Source of energy and strength

Chironji removes lethargy and weakness in the body. That is why it has been used under a certain quantity in power-enhancing laddus making.

5. Immunity and anemia


It also increases immunity. It gives such nutrients to the body, which removes the anemia in the body and protects against low immunity due to anemia.

6. For the relief of physical pain

arthritis pain

According to Ayurveda, the nature of chironji is hot. Therefore consuming it with milk gives relief to the pain of nerves and muscles in the body.

7. Reduce Troubles in Breathing

Chironji is very beneficial in breathing problems in the lungs due to cold. Consuming a limited amount of chironji could ends the stiffness in the lungs due to cold.


1. Because chironji is hot in effect, therefore its limited quantity consumption is good for health. Excessive intake can bring other dosha imbalances.

2. Because it is hot, it can also cause diarrhea if taken in high quantities.

3. It is very heavy to digest.

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