Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics

9 Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics

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Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics, Diabetes becomes a big problem because they have to control their food and drink. Mostly they cannot eat their favorite snacks. But I come here with some amazing Indian snacks that are perfectly healthy for diabetes as they are tasty. These items are Ayurvediclly also good for diabetics, the list is given here.

1. Dahi Bhalle without sweet chutney: Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics

Dahi Bhalle

You can eat moong dal bhalle with curd. Curd is very good for diabetes. It contains all kinds of nutrition. It contains protein, good bacteria and vitamins. It accelerates digestion and regulates glucose in the body. Dahi Bhalle is also tremendous in taste, just try that with green chutney but do not add sweet chutney.

2. Idli Sambar: Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics

idli sambhar

You can eat idli sambar. It is also very good in taste and it is also Ayurvedically suitable for diabetic patients. There are all kinds of vegetables inside the sambar. This one also has a good amount of vitamin C and secondly, idli also decrease glucose level in the body..

3. Moong Dal Dosa: Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics

Moong Dal Dosa

Moong dal dosa can be served with sambar and you can also eat all the three chutneys that come with the Dosha. Moong dal dosa is the perfect snack for you with the combination of sambar and chutney. And also suitable for your diabetic health.

4. Vegetable Chilla: Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics

You can also eat Chilla made of finely chopped vegetables like beans, peas, cucumber, tomatoes, coriander, green chilies. Made of used coarse wheat flour, gram flour or moong dal. It is also a very tasty and healthy snack.

5. Oats: Healthy Ayurveda Snacks List for Diabetics

Oats are very good for diabetic patients. It is a very healthy breakfast or snack.

6. Fenugreek Leaves Paratha

methi parantha

Fenugreek for diabetes is very good because it has a very low glycemic index, it also contains high fiber. The chemicals found in it balanced the sugar level in the body. This is the perfect warming snack for winters.

7. Vegetable Khichdi

Khichdi made by Mix Vegetable, rice and lentils is also very good in taste and also loaded with all kinds of nutrition.

8. Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a good option as a snack. It also strengthens the immunity and also fulfills the hydration and nutrition in the body.

9. Onion Cucumber Raita

Cucumber, Onion and Curd, all three things are very good for a diabetic patient. These three things make your body healthy, reduce blood sugar and are very good in the test. When Raita is made by mixing all these three, it becomes a very awesome snack for diabetics.

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