5 Hypotension Causes According To Ayurveda

5 Hypotension Causes According To Ayurveda

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Hypotension causes are deeply rooted in the weakness of the body. this weakness could come from many ways, these ways are actually the real reasons. According to Ayurveda in lower blood pressure the Vata dosha increased in the body. Vata dosha played a major role in the hypotension problem. Low blood pressure or hypotension occurs when the blood flow to the heart, brain, and other parts is very low or slow. let’s know what are the main causes of imbalance dosha in the body for hypotension.



the lack of blood in the body is the main reason among hypotension causes! Due to any internal injury or external injury, If there is a lack of blood in the body then the problem of low blood pressure could arises.

Lack of nutrients in the body

nutritional food

Due to the lack of various nutrients in our body, the problem of low blood pressure also arises. The lack of nutrition is responsible for the body’s lower strength. lower strength makes the body suffers more and it become the one among hypotension causes

 Heart disease

heart diseases

Infection in the blood stream

blood infection

According to Ayurveda, A hypotension causes also be an indication of infection in the blood. Blood infection weakens the immunity system and health that’s why the person feels weakness and low blood pressure.

 People with diabetes or thyroid


People who have diabetes or thyroid, the problem of hypotension or low blood pressure is found in them. Especially such people should take special care of their diet and their body!

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