Importance of Tridosha Theory In Ayurveda

Importance of Tridosha Theory In Ayurveda

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Panch Mahabhutas and Tridosha theory in Ayurveda

Before the Tridosha theory in Ayurveda let’s know the importance and origin of Tridosha theory. The health-related science of Ayurveda says that nature and every living being in nature is made up of a combination of the five basic elements (Mahabhutas) which are fire, air, water, sky, and earth. The human body is also made of these 5 basic elements. But the status of the five Mahabhutas in the body of every human being is not found the same. Due to that diversity, Ayurveda formulates the theory of 3 doshas. This is Vata, Pitta and Kapha. According to the name, they show the specific status of the five Mahabhutas in the body.

balance of Tridosha theory in Ayurveda and health


According to Ayurveda, the presence of all three Dosha is found in the body of every human being. All these three Dosha are not found equally, but if there is an excess of Vata dosha in one’s body, then there is an excess of Pitta dosha in someone’s body, it is an excess of Kapha dosha. On the basis of this, the nature of bodies is divided into Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Their excess at a normal level does not give rise to diseases in the body but creates a special dosha nature of the body. But when all these three doshas become abnormally imbalanced then the body starts moving towards diseases. The imbalance of Vata causes 80 diseases, the imbalance of Pitta causes 40 and the imbalance of Kapha causes 20 types of diseases.

Seasons, Environment and Tridosha theory in Ayurveda

Any season or place has its own special feature. Whether this place is hot, cold, humid, is it near or far from the sea, is it a mountain or a desert, winter, summer, spring, or winter. All these specialties determine the dosha, variety and qualities of the food there. So you will see the trend of hot nature food tradition in places where it is almost always cold. And a place where it is always hot will see the local trend of body-cooling foods. Which is very important for the health of the body. Every person should take food according to the place of intake, nature of food and his physical Dosha type.

food and Tridosha theory in Ayurveda

food according to dosha

Ayurveda understands the health of the body and the causes of diseases according to the position of the three doshas. Which is very logical. In a healthy person, all these three doshas are found in a balanced state and in an unhealthy person, any one or all three of these doshas are found unbalanced. Ayurveda balances the imbalanced doshas of the body only through yoga, exercise, natural foods and nature-based medicines. This is clearly possible through food because every food item also has its own Dosha nature. Even in normal conditions, a person should understand his physical dosha and eat food based on that.

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