Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda

Protein is very important for the health and development of the body. But this is if eaten in more quantity then it proves to be equally harmful to the body.

When the amount of protein you get in your food is more than what you need. Then it is the digestion process or digestion of food is done very slowly by the body.

An excess amount of protein creates gas in the stomach because protein is heavy and takes time to digest

Because it increases the amount of gas in the blood, so when the blood is used by the heart. It disrupts the functioning of the heart.

By eating more protein, because gas is formed in the body, the digestion process becomes slow, the level of gas in the blood increases and it puts pressure on the hot, so all these together increase the blood pressure

After eating excess amount of protein ,The body also starts getting imbalanced in the proper digestion of glucose. Due to this the sugar level starts to increase with the time.