7  Affects of Excess Protein Result High BP

if protein eaten in more quantity then it proves to be equally harmful to the body according to Ayurveda . At present, the high protein promoted by the gym industry is making many people ill.

By eating more protein gas is formed in the body and the level of gas in the blood increases and it puts pressure in the blood system.

By eating more protein, gradually the amount of gas in the blood increases and which has a negative effect on overall health.

High protein foods like soy, chicken, dry fruits and protein powder etc. are high in amino acid content. Which is not good for heart health in large amounts.

When the amount of protein you get in your food is more than what you need. Then it is the digestion process or digestion of food starts to slow by the body.

The body also starts getting imbalanced in the proper digestion of glucose. Due to this the sugar level starts to increase with the time.