List of Foods to Eat with Gestational Diabetes

This is not a permanent disease and is limited only to the pregnancy period. It ends after the birth of the child. However. So it is necessary to take special care of food.

Basic Rule : Do not take big Meals but divide into seven to eight small meals in a day. In pregnancy, it should be kept in mind that you should avoid eating big meals at once.

Poha is very light to digest. It does not contain any kind of fat or cholesterol. And it is full of all kinds of nutrients. It has good iron which is essential for pregnant women

Seasonal Saag/leafy vegetables with Roti:  These types of roties are very good source of all needed nutrition for pregnant women and helps to control gestational diabetes.

Idli :  It is made by using yeast with rice flour and yeast is very good for diabetics.

Oats are very good for diabetic patients. It is a very healthy breakfast or snack.