Full Ayurveda Pre Diabetes Diet

Ayurveda Pre Diabetes Diet , Pre diabetes is a condition when you have light symptoms of diabetes type 2 but do not have a permanent diabetes type 2.

breakfast Oats is very light to digest. It does not contain any kind of fat or cholesterol. And it is full of all kinds of nutrients.

breakfast According to the season, rotis should be made with mixing available seasonal greens. Like spinach roti, fenugreek leaves roti or bathua saag roti.

Afternoon Lunch Such vegetables are better for diabetic patients, which do not contain a lot of starch, carbohydrates and sugar. It is good to have vegetables that are bitter in taste, light to digest, have more hydration

Afternoon Lunch Such grains are good which are coarse and the flour is not very ground. Wheat, millet, barley, maize, and rice – You can consume any one or two of these grains with vegetables.

Afternoon Lunch You must use curd or buttermilk with lunch. It contains lactic acid, vitamin C, other nutrition and minerals. All of these do not allow any type of fat cholesterol and carbohydrate to accumulate in the body.